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Domain registration. How to choose a domain name?

If you want to make a website for your business, the first obstacle that you face, even before the actual creation of the site is the domain registration. How can you choose the right domain? You want something that represents your company appropriately. It is not easy to choose between so many combinations of top level domains and domain names. Just make a short search, and you will see plenty of possibilities.

Why is it so important?

First of all, it will represent you in front of all your clients. It must be well-written, and it should be easily relatable to your brand.

It is not easy to change it. You might think, “If I don’t like I will just buy another one.” It is not that simple. Yes, the domain registration is fast, and you can buy another domain, but you will need to pay for SEO services. You will need to redirect all of the old links to the new one, and still, you will lose your position on the search engines. They don’t like new domains.

Tips to choose a domain name:

  1. Branding. Choose a name that really represents your brand. There are many top-level domains there so pick one, where you can register your domain with your brand name spelled right. Bad orthography can really affect you negatively.
  2. Be short and clear. You want to explain everything, but the domain name is not the place. It must be easy to remember and write. You can always add extra details on your “About us” page.
  3. Choose the right top-level domain (TLD). TLD is the part after the dot like com, net, org and more. If your business is local, choosing country code domain (ccTLD) is a right decision. If your business operates in the European Union, .eu is a good chose. For the international companies, the most common choice is com, net or org. However, the name you want might not be available. Check a TLD that represent you correctly.
  4. Limitations. Many of the domain, especially country domain, can be registered only by people who are citizens of the particular country. There might be other limitation depending on the kind of organization you have.
  5. Take care of copyright problems and famous international brands. Your business might be well-known in your country, but there can be a more significant international brand that has the same name. Try to evade conflicts and lose in the search result by adding an element to concretize your business like city or country abbreviation.
  6. Brainstorming. You might have few ideas already, but it could be tough to choose. Make a brainstorming with your team. See what kind of suggestions they have and analyze the results. This can help you figure out the best name.

Domain registration

There are plenty of companies where you can buy a domain name. You can get it directly from the company that owns the rights on all of the domain name of a particular TLD or you can get it through a service that offers many different TLDs.

By choosing the second options, you can easily compare prices of different TLDs, and you can expect many promotions that otherwise might not be available.

You can also combine the purchase of a domain with an SSL certificate or another service like DNS.

How to choose the best DNS for my business?

If you are ready with the decision about the name of your site, we recommend you to see our domain pricing page, where you can find attractive prices and variety of options.

We wish you good luck and success with your future website!

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