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Why media can’t live without CDN

Do you remember the time when we were reading the news in a printed newspaper and we were going to a video store to rent a VHS? The things have changed a lot ever since. Now you get the daily brief from an online portal and the content rental stores are all in the clouds. CDN is responsible for the global distribution of all that content. It makes it possible that all the viewers get their content in a matter of milliseconds, even if they live far away from the source.

Every media company who wants to be international relies on CDN. Youtube, Amazon, Netflix and many more can’t provide equal service in so many different locations without it. It can deliver quality 4k video without buffering (if the visitors have quality internet too).


It is a system that delivers content all across the world. Imagine you have a media company that wants to show videos to different countries. You can’t have just your web hosting, because it will get all the traffic and it will get saturated. So much traffic that it can get down. And downtime means loses that you can’t afford. You need something to balance the load on an international level and that secures you 100% uptime so you wouldn’t have any angry customer.

Here is where the CDN steps in:

  • It provides you a Geo Load Balancing that redirects the traffic by specific region. That will ease the traffic on the primary source by having cache data in different data centers around different countries.
  • It is a very convenient and money-efficient method.
  • Another benefit that the CDN will give you is that it will guarantee better uptime. Thanks to the different points of presence, there always will be at least one that is on, even if there is a serious network problem.
  • This network will provide smoother experience to your customers. The CDN can be a competitive advantage for your media business.
  • The Internet is obsessed with the word SEO. You can’t evade it in this digital environment. Luckily CDN helps with it too. Your content will be delivered faster and this will increase your SEO ranking.


Build such a network with our GeoDNS. You will have all the benefit that we mentioned, and everything will be in the cloud. No need to buy any expensive equipment and hire new IT personnel. Go ahead and check it out, your customers will appreciate it.

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