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DNS Failover, the backup that keeps your site online

It is Monday, you just entered the office, and it is a total mess. Apparently, during the weekend your website was down. There are plenty of angry e-mails from customers, and your IT specialists are running crazy to fix the problem. You lost sales and potential new clients, and all of this just because you didn’t have a DNS Failover. DNS Failover can keep your website online even if some of the PoPs are down and it is not hard to set up. Would you like to know more about it?

DNS Failover

When you have a DNS, your clients can reach your site through from different locations by connecting to the closest Point of presence (PoP). This point can be down for some reason – maintenance, overload, hardware problems, etc. The client who try to connect to this PoP when it is down, can’t access your site.

Your IT staff can change the A or AAAA record to another IP manually, but first, they need to get notified that the PoP is down and later to take actions.

Having a DNS Failover activated will save a lot of troubles. It is a feature, available on all our DNS plans except the free one. ClouDNS DNS Failover provides you the security that your website will be up during network outage by redirecting the traffic to one of the 5 backup IPs that you can define in the settings. Even in a situation where more than 1 PoP is down, your website will stay live. The DNS Failover provides different monitoring options using DNS, UDP, TCP, HTTP(S), and ICMP Ping requests. The DNS Failover monitoring happens every minute, far more often than most of our competitors.

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You can set up when exactly, the system must take action. Automate the process and don’t worry anymore about the downtime.

If you want to see the full list of actions and the setting you can put for it, you can check DNS Failover and Monitoring Documentation.


The failover will keep your website up. It will guarantee that all your clients, no matter where they are, will be able to visit your site even if a few of your PoP are down. This means no problems for you, more potential sales and better customer satisfaction level. If you have a paid DNS plan form ClouDNS, you can set it up from your control panel. If you don’t have, check out our DNS Failover.
We hope this article was useful to you and you never ever have network problems!

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