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Australia DNS, use DNS to provide better service

Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund. So you can expect a highly developed country in every sense, right? Not really! If you have business there, for sure, you have the pain to use the slow internet there. Its speed is 55th in the world (State of the Internet report)! And to make the matter worse, the Australian government is not pushing the local ISPs strongly. So what could the local businesses do to provide a good service – Australia DNS!

Australia DNS to improve speed

The Internet may be slow, but there is something that you can do, use a Premium DNS. DNS is a system that resolves your domain. It helps to translate the request for a domain, for example, Google.com, to its actual IP address (for example It is a backbone of the Internet.  How can this make the speed of your website faster? To do that well, servers need to be fast. Another critical factor is the physical distance.

For all the requests that are coming from Australians, you can use a local data center. Like this, all the requests will be answered faster from that local DNS server and your website visitors will get the IP address of your site in milliseconds. ClouDNS manages to do this fast by using the Anycast technology that gives results from the shortest route.

Sydney – SIS Group Data Center Australia DNS

In Australia, we work with SIS Group Data Center to provide a spectacular DNS service on the continent.

SIS Group Sydney Data Center is a high speed redundant world-class facility. It is well equipped to handle any data requirement. It is located just 4km from the central business district of Sydney. The data center is well controlled to ensure excellent performance. It also has a superb connection with the most significant data centers in Sydney through a dark fiber.


Using a Premium DNS will be very beneficial to your website visitors. It will cut down the time that it takes for them to connect to your site. It is easy to use, and it gives excellent results. Just try it out!

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