Author: Martin Pramatarov

Hi, I’m Martin Pramatarov. I have two degrees, a Technician of Computer Networks and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). My passion is storytelling, but I can’t hide my nerdish side too. I never forgot my interest in the Hi-tech world. I have 10 years and thousands of articles written about DNS, cloud services, hosting, domain names, cryptocurrencies, hardware, software, AI, and everything in between. I have seen the Digital revolution, the Big migration to the cloud, and I am eager to write about all the exciting new tech trends in the following years. AI and Big Data are here already, and they will completely change the world!

I hope you enjoy my articles and the excellent services of ClouDNS!

What is a Smurf DDoS attack?


Yes, the Smurf attack sounds cute and harmless, but we can assure you it is not. Instead, it is yet another DDoS attack that is made to...

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What is Authoritative DNS server?


The authoritative DNS server is the final holder of the IP of the domain you are looking for. When you write a domain name in your browser,...

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What is Traffic Director?

Load balancing • One Comment

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What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?


Everybody uses CDN (Content Delivery Network). YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and many others are applying it on a massive world scale so you can...

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What is IPv4? Everything you need to know 

DNS, Internet, Servers

Nowadays, in this rapidly evolving global Internet world, we can’t skip the IPv4. It is the most used IP currently and still resists...

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Linux MTR command


There are many small network tools out there: Ping, Traceroute, Dig, Host, etc.  But, it is not so often when one of these small...

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DNS zone transfer and zone file (Updated)

DNS • One Comment

We have already covered the bases of DNS, so you know what it is and how does it work. This article will help you understand one of...

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