Author: Martin Pramatarov

Hi, I’m Martin Pramatarov. I have two degrees, a Technician of Computer Networks and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). My passion is storytelling, but I can’t hide my nerdish side too. I never forgot my interest in the Hi-tech world. I have 10 years and thousands of articles written about DNS, cloud services, hosting, domain names, cryptocurrencies, hardware, software, AI, and everything in between. I have seen the Digital revolution, the Big migration to the cloud, and I am eager to write about all the exciting new tech trends in the following years. AI and Big Data are here already, and they will completely change the world!

I hope you enjoy my articles and the excellent services of ClouDNS!

IPv4 vs IPv6 and where did IPv5 go?


Every time you see some network settings, there are IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. As you can guess, the previous versions are long in the past...

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DNSSEC, the DNS Security extension


Now we will talk about what is the Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) and how it can protect you and your clients from DNS...

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Linux MTR command


There are many small network tools out there: Ping, Traceroute, Dig, Host, etc.  But, it is not so often when one of these small...

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5 DNS Attacks Types that could affect you

DDoS, Protection

The DNS, as you may know, is a really crucial component that, sadly, we often overlook. Don’t be one of those people, and please pay...

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What is Enterprise DNS?


The Enterprise DNS is a high-level class of DNS service. Its purpose is to serve medium and large companies. It must handle a considerable...

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Most significant DDoS attacks in the recent years (UPDATED 2020)

DNS • One Comment

DDoS attacks are getting stronger, and they happen more often every year. With the technology advance, there are many more connected...

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