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What is an SSL certificate and do we need it?

You have probably seen the “https” in most of the online shops like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Or maybe a green lock icon just before the domain’s name. These are clear signs that the website you are using is secure, it has an SSL certificate or a TLS one. You can safely browse it, use passwords and even pay with your credit card without the threat that someone will steal your data. The SSL certificate gives both protection and prestige to the websites using it.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL means secure socket layer, and it is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication between the web browser and the servers of the website. All data that passes is encrypted and private.

When you are getting an SSL certificate, you will need to add some information about your company. This information is then used to create two keys – a public key and private key. Be careful not to lose the private key, because your certificate can’t work without it.

SSL certificate

SSL Handshake

When a client tries to connect to your secured site, your server sends your SSL certificate. The browser checks if it is valid, and if everything is okay it makes a symmetric key for the session, using the public key. The server then decrypts the symmetric key with its private key. In the end, the SSL Handshake process is completed, and both the client and the server can encrypt and decrypt data using the session key.

Why is it so important?

Better security means clients who are not afraid of buying. This will increase your sales and improve the confidence in your website. The clients can be sure that their private data such as bank account and what they bought won’t go into “bad hands.”

You will improve your SEO and your rank in Google search results. Since 2014 Google is giving better ranking in their search result to websites, who has an SSL certificate. Google is trying to push website owners to embrace this security measure to build a safer internet for all of us.

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How to protect your website with an SSL Certificate?

The process of getting an SSL certificate is not hard. To do so, you will need to buy such a certificate and validate your domain with it. ClouDNS offers two choices:

Positive SSL– has a more attractive price and validates one domain.

Positive SSL Wildcard – validates one domain and unlimited sub-domains. It is a better choice for a more massive site with a lot of sub-domains.

Get the protection that your clients deserve, guarantee they have a safe experience on your site, and the result will come. You will get better positioning in the search results, your clients will have more confidence in you, and you will increase your sales.

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