Author: Martin Pramatarov

Hi, I’m Martin Pramatarov. I have two degrees, a Technician of Computer Networks and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). My passion is storytelling, but I can’t hide my nerdish side too. I never forgot my interest in the Hi-tech world. I have 10 years and thousands of articles written about DNS, cloud services, hosting, domain names, cryptocurrencies, hardware, software, AI, and everything in between. I have seen the Digital revolution, the Big migration to the cloud, and I am eager to write about all the exciting new tech trends in the following years. AI and Big Data are here already, and they will completely change the world!

I hope you enjoy my articles and the excellent services of ClouDNS!

What is a DNS zone? Primary and Secondary DNS zone and how to create it


What is a DNS zone? DNS zone is a delegated partition of the Domain namespace, container of DNS settings and DNS records inside a DNS zone...

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TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) – What is it, and how does it work? 


The Internet is an amazing creation, but there are many different technologies that are worth knowing behind it. Simply because without...

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What is IPv4? Everything you need to know 

DNS, Internet, Servers

When we are talking about today’s Internet, we can’t skip the IPv4. It is the most used IP currently and still resists giving...

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What is domain name resolution?

Domain names, Internet

Domain name resolution is the process in which the internet users receive the address of the domain they were looking for. To be more...

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IPv4 vs IPv6 and where did IPv5 go?


Every time you see some network settings, there are IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. As you can guess, the previous versions are long in the past...

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What is DHCP? How does the DHCP server work?


The DHCP server has changed the lives of all administrator forever. It has given them the commodity of automatic IP assignment. After the...

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