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CDN and SEO, are they connected?

What is CDN (content delivery network)

CDN is a network of servers geographically located in different areas around the world. They serve as a load balancer that redirect the traffic that goes to your website to the closest Point of Presence near you. It is like a shortcut. Now your visitors will not waste time to get to the web host service you use. They will be conveniently redirected to a cached data of your site, that is milliseconds away from them. They will open the pages fast and will have a better experience.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, SEO is the most important thing for your website. Better position on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will translate to more visits to your site and you know, more visits more conversions (Clicks, sales, subscriptions, etc.).

There are many factors that get accounted for the SEO, but most important few are the content, security of the site, mobile friendly, backlinks and SPEED.

To make your page load faster, you can do internal or external changes.

Internal like striping your website from unused code, keep the size down on the media content. They are harder to do and take extra time every time you need to publish new content.

Externals like choosing a good hosting, which most of the time is expensive, or use CDN for more bang for your buck. CDN is relatively cheaper than most high-level web hosting and it brings better results.

What CDN does?

It will lower the latency, making the experience of your visitors a lot more pleasant. It will improve the uptime, because now even if your web hosting is down, the visitors will still get your content through the CDN, connecting to one of the PoPs (points of presence).
As we already mentioned, you can combine it even with a cheap web hosting plan and still get excellent results. In most of the cases, it gives far better results than the expensive web hosting plans, when you compare the money.
It gives you DDoS protection. With so many PoPs, it reduces the traffic and it is very resistant.

Who can use CDN for better SEO?

Everybody! No seriously, there are no restrictions. Many Media companies and Online sellers are using it but you can see that even bloggers choose to boost their SEO with CDN. It is a very easy method and it shows result fast. If you are not sure yet, you can try our GeoDNS service for free for 30 days. See with your own eyes, the effect on the speed and that decide if it is right for you.


SEO is difficult to master. It is full of factors that you need to consider, but speed is a key one.
CDN is an easy way to boost your SEO. It can massively increase the loading speed of your site and your visitors will definitely love the change.

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