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What is CDN (Content delivery network)?

Everybody uses CDN (content delivery network). YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and many others are applying it in a massive world scale so you can enjoy your favorite content in a matter of milliseconds. But how does it work?

What is CDN?

It is a network of geographically distributed servers all around the world. Each of these servers is a PoP (point of presence). It has a cache of the data that the users in this specific location will use. CDN doesn’t substitute the web hosting; it just makes many cached data of the original data and stores it around the world for better accessibility. It works using the Anycast DNS technology so the visitors of your website will be connected to the fastest/closest server, without the need to get the data from the web hosting. CDN saves a lot of time.

History of CDN

Different technology affected the birth of CDN – hierarchical caching, server farms, cache proxy deployment and improved web servers.
The first generation of CDN came around the late 90’s. People created them because of the growing use of on-demand content (audio, video, etc.). Dynamic and static content delivery. It was mostly intelligent routing and edge computer methods. The second and current generation, is cloud-based, relying on a peer-to-peer connection and it is focused on video-on-demand.

For who is it?

Anyone can benefit from CDN. From the big companies that we mentioned before and small blog websites. The technology increases the speed of the website and can be very useful even if you have just a WordPress blog. This helps the SEO, and your website will rank a lot better in Google, and your visitors will be happier thanks to the speed boost.


1. The most significant benefit is definitely the speed. It reduces the latency; everything loads way faster than before. How fast? On average 70% faster!

2. Load balancing. By using different PoPs around the world, the traffic gets well distributed, and it reduces the traffic on the original server.

3. It reduces the bandwidth consumption, so if your web host has low bandwidth, this can help you a lot.

4. It has DDoS protection. It protects you from a single point of failure, thanks to the many different PoPs.

5. Google values the speed as one of the key indicators for ranking in its search engine. It will improve the SEO of your site.


Content delivery networks are getting more popular thanks to these advantages. Many people start using it for E-commerce Entertainment and blog sites. It can help you over rank your competitors on the Google pages and provide a better uptime. Prices are also accessible; you can check our GeoDNS service that you can use to build your own CDN. Improve your site now!

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