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Why do we need Managed DNS?

DNS and why does it matter?

DNS – domain name system is a marvelous invention. It makes it easy for all of us to enter our favorite addresses on the web. We don’t need to remember thousands of IP numbers of all websites that we use; we simply write the domain name and the DNS magically matches our text with the associated IP and show us the result.

The Traditional Approach: Self-Managed DNS

First, let’s investigate the option of creating and using our DNS servers.
There are few advantages and disadvantages that we would like to share with you.

An obvious benefit of such a move is the control. You are the administrator and you can set values and change parameters, making changes is easier and faster than outsourcing it to another company.
You can have more options in your interface in comparison with a managed DNS of another company. If you have enough knowledge this can be very useful but, on the other hand, if you are not so familiar with managing servers, it can be confusing.

One apparent problem is the additional administrative work. You must make sure the servers work correctly and to be updating your knowledge regularly on how to protect it from new vulnerabilities. This extra activity is very time-consuming.
You need to be checking all the time for DDoS attacks and prevent them. You don’t want your servers to be down.

And now let’s see why you could be more interested in using managed DNS servers.

The Game-Changer: Managed DNS

Giving the task of managing your DNS to another company has its benefits. You will be liberated of most of the administrative tasks and the constant worry that your servers can go down. Using a provider like us – ClouDNS, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Infrastructure based in the cloud
Our DNS servers are cloud-based, which gives you the ability to monitor live the DNS zones status at the different locations. Adding extra DNS resources is possible anytime and instantly. After you set up your zones, our system will easily synchronize across all points of presence (POPs) simultaneously.

Professional DNS tools and features
We offer many professional instruments and features for Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS. In addition to all the types of DNS records that we provide, you can benefit from Web Forwarding, E-mail Forwarding, Domain parking, Dynamic DNS, HTTP REST API, DNS statistics and more!

DDoS Protection
It is quite hard to protect your domain name/names from SPOF (Single point of failure). We have long experience working with DDoS Mitigation companies. We offer extra service of DDoS Protected DNS. Like this your website, application or game server can be adequately protected.

Custom-build options
With ClouDNS you can decide what you need and choose exactly: how many and what types of servers do you need, where would you like your servers to be located, and whether you want DDoS protection or not.

Own DNS servers or Managed DNS?

Managed DNS services offer a host of advantages over traditional DNS servers. Below, we’ll explore these differences in detail:

Aspect Traditional DNS Servers Managed DNS Services
Infrastructure Limited server locations Globally distributed
Redundancy Single points of failure High redundancy
Security Basic or no security features Robust security measures
Performance Variable performance Optimized for speed
Scalability Limited scalability Easily scalable
Management Complexity Manual configurations User-friendly interfaces
Cost Lower upfront cost Cost varies based on usage

Furthermore, there is an option between these two methods – Hybrid DNS solution. It combines aspects of both Traditional DNS and Managed DNS to address specific needs. They can be particularly useful for organizations looking to balance cost-effectiveness with performance and reliability.

Choosing the Right Managed DNS Provider

When considering Managed DNS, it’s essential to choose the right provider. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Global Network: Ensure that the provider has a global network of servers to guarantee low latency and high availability for users worldwide.
  • Security Features: Evaluate the security features offered, such as DDoS protection, DNSSEC support, and threat intelligence.
  • Performance Optimization: Look for providers that offer performance-enhancing technologies like Anycast routing and intelligent traffic management.
  • Scalability: Verify that the provider can easily accommodate your growth without compromising performance.
  • Support and Reliability: Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the provider’s reputation for customer support and uptime.
  • Cost: Compare pricing plans and consider the value you receive in terms of performance, security, and reliability.

Managed DNS for Content Delivery

Managed DNS plays a pivotal role in optimizing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and enhancing user experiences:

For content providers seeking to elevate CDN performance, Managed DNS:

  • Reduces Latency: By intelligently routing users to the nearest CDN server, it minimizes lag for media streaming and content retrieval.
  • Ensures Global Reach: Content remains readily accessible worldwide, even during peak demand periods, such as live streaming events.

Moreover, Managed DNS enables precise content delivery strategies, such as Geo-targeting for region-specific content delivery and Personalization by leveraging location and user preferences to make content recommendations. These improvements are particularly valuable for content providers aiming to captivate a global audience and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

How to create your own CDN using DNS


Now that you know more about the topic of Managed DNS vs. own DNS, you can choose easier. Would you try on your own or would you prefer to trust an experienced DNS provider who will manage and administrate your DNS servers?

You can choose a Premium DNS plan from here and start your 30-day completely free trial (no credit card required) or sign up for a free account and test for yourself.

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