Defending against DDoS attacks, improving DNS management, and enhancing web redirects


The company

The subject of this case study is a well-established IT solution provider with over two decades of industry experience. They offer a comprehensive range of IT services, including web hosting, domain services, server management, system hosting, IT security, network solutions, website construction and maintenance, and Microsoft Office 365 licenses. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has maintained an impressive track record of client retention throughout their 20-year history. They hold the distinction of being a Microsoft Silver Partner of Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, providing their clients with reliable and cost-effective IT solutions without imposing long-term commitment obligations.
What sets this company apart is their understanding of the dynamic nature of businesses' IT needs. They build IT setups with ease of transition in mind, allowing businesses the flexibility to switch providers if desired.

The challenges

Challenge #1: Target of DDoS Attacks

The web hosting company became a prime target for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, leading to frequent disruptions and downtime for their clients. These malicious attacks overwhelmed their network infrastructure, rendering their services inaccessible and causing customer dissatisfaction.

Challenge #2: Manage own DNS infrastructure

Over time, managing and scaling their extensive DNS zones became increasingly challenging for the web hosting company. The complexity of migrating these zones to a more robust and secure platform posed a significant obstacle, requiring a meticulous approach to ensure a seamless transition without any service disruptions.

Challenge #3: Web redirects management

The company had a web redirect service that allowed clients to redirect traffic from one domain to another. Managing and optimizing these redirects in a scalable and reliable manner posed a considerable challenge, demanding a comprehensive solution.

Our solution

When the hosting company initially decided to manage its own DNS infrastructure, it seemed like a great addition to their web-hosting services. They believed it would save them money and provide more control. However, as their customer base grew into the hundreds, they began facing the challenges of maintaining a high-quality DNS infrastructure. The company's credibility suffered a blow when they became targets of DDoS attacks, causing significant damage and undermining their reputation.

After careful consideration, the hosting company concluded that the best course of action for their customers and the prosperity of their business was to stop managing their own DNS and seek a professional DNS hosting partner. It was crucial that the DNS provider offered not only a high quality product, but also provided excellent customer service.

Realizing the complications and resource-intensive nature of handling both DNS hosting and Web hosting, the hosting company turned to ClouDNS for a solution. Led by CEO Boyan Peychev and Technical Support Manager Yordan Minkov, the ClouDNS team quickly assessed the situation and devised a comprehensive plan. One of the key obstacles faced was the hosting company providing a file with zones and records in a disorganized manner. However, leveraging the expertise of the ClouDNS team, we were able to extract and restructure the information into a ready-to-migrate format.

With a meticulous approach and attention to detail, the ClouDNS experts worked closely with the hosting company to ensure a seamless migration process. They diligently analyzed the existing DNS zones and web redirect records, resolved any discrepancies, and transformed the data into a clean and organized state. Through their expertise and dedication, the ClouDNS team prepared the zones and records for migration, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruptions or errors.

In the words of our Technical Support Manager Yordan Minkov:

"Upon receiving the CSV file with all the web redirect records from the hosting company, we immediately recognized the challenges presented by its disorganized state. However, our expert team at ClouDNS rose to the occasion, meticulously extracting and restructuring the information. We ensured that the data was ready for migration, providing a seamless experience for the hosting company and their clients."

The result

By partnering with ClouDNS, the hosting company achieved significant results and received a customized DDoS protected DNS solution plan. They successfully mitigated the threat of DDoS attacks, ensuring uninterrupted services for their clients. The meticulous DNS zone migration, encompassing over 2000+ zones and 120000+ DNS records, was flawlessly executed, optimizing scalability, security, and performance. ClouDNS's comprehensive solution for web redirects streamlined the process, enhancing website performance and user experience. As a result, customer satisfaction soared, with reduced downtime and increased reliability. The collaboration with ClouDNS not only addressed their challenges but also strengthened the hosting company's reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider.

All these solutions and improvements have had a profound impact on the hosting company we partnered with. With the assistance of ClouDNS, they experienced remarkable advancements in their business operations, enabling them to meet the ever-increasing market demand effectively. ClouDNS' support empowered the company to expand their services, ensuring they could cater to their growing customer base while maintaining optimal performance and reliability.

In brief

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