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Email forwards

Email forwards

Can you guess what email forwards do? Yes, it is very simple, they redirect emails from one mailbox to another. Just as you can forward manually any email from your inbox to another email, email forwards can do the same but automatically.

Imagine you have several domains and emails in each, but you also have one primary email that you use for other tasks that you have. Wouldn’t it be convenient to receive all incoming messages in one place? You simply set up a mail forwards feature (a.k.a email forwarding) from your email contacts@mywebsite.org to your personal mailbox, and all of the incoming emails will be redirected to there by default.

How to set up email forwards

To use this feature, you need to have MX records (mail exchange records used to deliver email to addresses) directed to the email forwards servers which you can see in your Control Panel.

When you have already created the MX records, press the “Mail forwards” and select “Add new forward”. There it is straightforward, in the “Mail box” write the email box and select the domain name, for example, info@example.com and in the “forward to” you put the email that will receive the emails.

Mail Forward types:

With suffix 1 and 2 (for example mailforward21.cloudns.net and mailforward22.cloudns.net)

We recommend you these if you are using a public mail server (like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.)

They are set up in a way, that they can pass the SPF checks (Sender Policy Framework prevents spoofing by validating the legitimacy of your mail server), so your mail doesn’t end up in the spam folder. Take into consideration that those forwarded emails will have modified header (FROM section).

With suffix 3 and 4 (for example mailforward23.cloudns.net and mailforward24.cloudns.net)

If you have own mail server, and you can disable the spam checking (SPF checks), you can use our mail servers with suffix 3 and 4. The redirected emails won’t have any modified header like in the previous option.

You can take advantage of mail forwarding feature on every one of our plans, even on the free one. There you have three mail forwards. Think about your need and check out all of our Premium plans.

If you are not sure, you can start a 30-day trial by ClouDNS and find the best DNS plan for you.

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