Who we are?

ClouDNS is provider of global Managed DNS services, including GeoDNS, Anycast DNS and DDoS protected DNS. The company implements the industry's leading cloud service architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. ClouDNS platform monitors, controls and optimizes applications and DNS infrastructure, ensuring traffic gets delivered faster, safer, and more reliably than ever.

Founded in 2010, ClouDNS services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 8 billion queries per day. ClouDNS is the preferred DNS hosting choice for many brands, especially companies who closely monitor the price–performance ratio. With 57 Anycast locations all over the globe, no other enterprise DNS provider can compete with ClouDNS in price, performance, and overall return on investment.

We are ClouDNS.

We have customers in 11200+ cities, 210 countries on 6 continents


Companies using our Managed DNS services

Tik Tok, Hostway Deutschland, jsDelivr, Server Mania, Airbitz, Avira, Subnet Labs, Spam Experts, Impact VPS, Easy Blog Networks, Orderbox Media, Riverbed, The Signal Co., Box, Comm100, Server4Sale, EN Technologies, Interact Me, ICF, to name a few of our tens of thousands of clients. We are trusted by our customers to manage over 1 000 000 domain names worldwide.

We are everywhere

After the launch of our newest points of presence (POP), ClouDNS now operates 57 Anycast DNS Data Centers across the world on 6 continents. See the full list with the connected data centers here.


  • Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 50
  • New POPs in USA, Netherlands, Israel, Singapore, UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Chile, Poland, Switzerland and Portugal
  • Monitoring nodes for Failover and Monitoring service: 117
  • Brand new DMARC generator and NSlookup tool
  • We have launched a SSL/TLS Monitoring service
  • Free SSL certificates
  • We become an .EU and .BE domain registrar
  • New API sub-users features
  • Thank you for your confidence!
  • Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 30
  • New POPs in Ukraine, France, Turkey, India.
  • Massive update for ClouDNS Reseller’s Panel.
  • Slovak translation for our website.
  • We have upgraded the DNS Failover service with better monitoring time and notification control.
  • DS records support.
  • Custom timezone feature added.
  • Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 27
  • New POPs in Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Japan.
  • We have added an extra peer in our Hong Kong Data Center with direct connectivity to Mainland China.
  • We started offering our customers 24/7 Live chat support. Our support team has doubled.
  • We released DNSSEC feature for DNS Zones and Domain names.
  • We translated our website in Polish!
  • More than 500К Domain Zones are hosted on our network!
  • We have connected new data centers to our Anycast Network located in United States and India. Now our network is represented in 13 countries across all continents!
  • Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 23
  • We have released our DNS Failover service.
  • New web site design is released with mobile support.
  • Added support for automatic renewals of DNS hosting subscription, domain names and SSL certificates.
  • Web site and control panel translations are made in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Our team reach more than 10 people!
  • We have connected new data centers to our Anycast Network located in Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil and South Africa.
    Now our network is present in all 6 continents.
  • Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 16
  • We have released our GeoDNS service
  • Our DDoS Protected Anycast DNS Network is deployed for our 6th Birthday
  • Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 11
  • We released our Private DNS servers.
  • Domain Parking - The service includes different templates with simple messages like Under Construction or Domain for sale.
  • We started our Affiliate program. The program is based on lifetime revenue share.
  • Wiki with detailed documentation and helpful articles
  • Build in our system ALIAS Record - a type of DNS record build in the ClouDNS, which works in a similar way as the CNAME record
  • Notes can be added for all resources in our control panel
  • HTTP API functionality for domain resellers
  • A lot of new TLDs are launched for registration
  • We have started building of our Anycast Network
  • Data centers: 20
  • Free servers: 20+
  • Premium servers: 100+
  • DDoS Protected servers: 10+
  • DDoS Protected DNS service
  • New server stack with servers in all our data centers for the new customers
  • Localized Persian version available on asia.cloudns.net
  • Data centers: 15
  • Free servers: 10
  • Premium servers: 17
  • DDoS Protected servers: 4
  • First server in Asia
  • Localized Asia version - asia.cloudns.net
  • Server in Australia
  • Data centers: 13
  • Free servers: 4
  • Premium servers: 9
  • A lot of new features and updates
  • Released first API methods
  • Domain registrations and transfers
  • Data centers: 9
  • Free servers: 4
  • Premium servers: 6
  • First employees are hired
  • Announced different premium plans
  • Data centers: 6
  • Free servers: 4
  • Premium servers: 3
  • ClouDNS was founded with servers in Europe and North America
  • Data centers: 4
  • Free servers: 4
  • Premium servers: 1

Any questions? Ask us

You can reach us at any time, we are here to help. Use our contact page or email us at support@cloudns.net

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