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Who we are?

ClouDNS is the biggest European provider of global Managed DNS services, including GeoDNS, Anycast DNS and DDoS protected DNS. The company implements the industry's leading cloud service architecture for maximum DNS speed and DNS redundancy. ClouDNS platform monitors, controls and optimizes applications and DNS infrastructure, ensuring traffic gets delivered faster, safer, and more reliably than ever.

Founded in 2010, ClouDNS services have grown to manage hundreds of thousands of customer domains receiving more than 2 billion queries per day. ClouDNS is the preferred DNS hosting choice for many brands, especially companies who closely monitor the price–performance ratio. With 14 Anycast locations all over the globe, no other enterprise DNS provider can compete with Cloud DNS in price, performance, and overall return on investment.

Company information
Company name:Cloud DNS Ltd
Address:Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, ul. Iskar 4
Company Identity Code:202743734
VAT Number:BG202743734
CEO:Boyan Peychev
Companies using our Managed DNS services

Hostway Deutschland, Server Mania, Airbitz, Subnet Labs, Spam Experts, Impact VPS, Easy Blog Networks, Orderbox Media, Riverbed, The Signal Co., Box, Comm100, Server4Sale, EN Technologies, Interact Me, ICF, to name a few of our tens of thousands of clients. We are trusted by our customers to manage over 300,000 domain names worldwide.

We are everywhere

След пускането на нашия последен POP (дейта център - точка на представяне), ClouDNS вече оперира 14 Anycast DNS Дейта Центъра по целия свят на 6 континента. See the full list with the connected data centers here.

We have connected new data centers to our Anycast Network located in Germany, Brazil and South Africa.
Now our network is presented in the all 6 continents.
We have released our GeoDNS service
Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 14
Our DDoS Protected Anycast DNS Network is deployed for our 6th Birthday
Anycast DNS Data Center POPs: 11
Wiki with detailed documentation and helpful articles
Build in our system ALIAS Record
Notes can be added for all resources in our control panel
HTTP API functionality for domain resellers
A lot of new TLDs are launched for registration
We have started building of our Anycast Network
Data centers: 20
Free servers: 20+
Premium servers: 100+
DDoS Protected servers: 10+
DDoS Protected DNS service
New server stack with servers in all our data centers for the new customers
Localized Persian version available on asia.cloudns.net
Data centers: 15
Free servers: 10
Premium servers: 17
DDoS Protected servers: 4
First server in Asia
Localized Asia version - - asia.cloudns.net
Server in Australia
Data centers: 13
Free servers: 4
Premium servers: 9
Много нови функционалности и обновления
Released first API methods
Domain registrations and transfers
Дейта центрове: 9
Безплатни сървъри: 4
Premium servers: 6
First employees are hired
Announced different premium plans
Data centers: 6
Безплатни сървъри: 4
Премиум сървъри: 3
ClouDNS е стартиран със сървъри в Европа и Северна Америка
Дейта центрове: 4
Безплатни сървъри: 4
Премиум сървъри: 1
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You can reach us at any time, we are here to help. Use our contact page or email us at support@cloudns.net

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