ClouDNS Anycast Rechenzentren

Europe / Sweden / Stockholm - Glesys - New!

Located in Stockholm, Glesys provides both colocation space and network connectivity. We are covering almost all the traffic in Sweden and Norway, and part of Denmark. We have stable connection to the major internet providers in the region, like Telia, and internet exchanges - Netnod Stockholm, IXOR, FIXO, NIX, Netnod Copenhagen and STHIX Copenhagen.

Europe / Switzerland / Lausanne - AlpineDC - New!

AlpineDC is our data center and network provider in Lausanne, Switzerland. This POP provides us access to the major transit providers and internet exchanges in the region. We have direct access to RomandIX located in Lausanne and SwissIX located in Zurich. Additionally AlpineDC provide us access DE-CIX, one of the primary exchanges in Europe, and France-IX - core exchange in France.

Europe / Italy / Milano - Servereasy (IRIDEOS) - New!

Servereasy is our network and colocation partner within the data center IRIDEOS located in Milan, Italy. We have network connectivity to the all major network operators in the country and Milan Internet Exchange (MIX-IT) allowing us to route all the traffic in Italy and close connected countries to this data center.

Asia Pacific / Japan / Tokyo - New Media Express (Equinix TY8) - New!

We are in the Equinix TY8 data center in Tokyo, Japan. The network connectivity is from our partner New Media Express with a direct link to the major exchanges in the country - JPIX and Equinix Tokyo. We are connected to JPNIC and some of the primary telecom providers in the country, providing us maximum speed and performance in the country.

Zertifikate: SOC 1 Type II; SOC 2 Type II; PCI-DSS; ISO 27001

Europe / Netherlands / Steenbergen - Nedzone

Nedzone is premium data center located in Steenbergen, Netherlands. The data center is carrier neutral and has connectivity to the major world and European telecom providers and exchanges. Our network partner here is NForce. They have provided us a big network channel where we are able to deploy our DDoS Protection rules, which improves our whole DDoS Protection capacity. With the Nedzone data center and NForce network we have second connection in Netherlands to the major world Tier 1 providers and the biggest European Internet exchanges like AMSIX and DECIX. Our presence in a second data center in Neterlands improves our network redundancy and scalability in the whole Europe.

Zertifikate: Security standard: ISO 27001

Europe / Germany / Frankfurt - combahton (Interwerk)

combahton IT provides colocation and DDoS Protection services into the data center Interwerk Frankfurt. With combahton we are improving not only our presence in Germany and Europe, but our global DDoS Protection too. As one of the few providers on the market, combahton started in 2013 with developing custom ddos protection. Today, they are running a highly advanced and dependable protection solution. The anti-ddos infrastructure is built up on multiple mitigation layers. Bad traffic is filtered and reduced over several scrubbing layers, finally it gets filtered by our system. Beside typical scenarios like TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, GRE and other network based floods, the solution of combahton handles also Layer7 attacks which aim to overwhelm the application layer with malicious request floods.

Europa / Deutschland / Nürnberg - Hetzner Online GmbH

Deutschland ist eine der Hauptknotenpunkte und Europa. Mit der Firma Hetzner Online GmbH in Nürnberg haben wir einen weiteren Tier 1 Provider in Europa als Partner. Zusätzlich nutzen wir den Anti-DDoS Dienst der Firma Hetzner Online GmbH um unseren Service noch weiter zu verbessern. Ihr Netzwerk hat eine Größe von 2,5 Tbps und wird kontinuierlich ausgebaut und erweitert.

Europa / Vereinigtes Königreich / London - Telehouse North

Located in London’s Docklands, Telehouse North is one of the best connected data centres in the world, with access to over 100 carriers. Telehouse is an ideal site for customers who require ultra-low latency networking. Telehouse North is a purpose-built concrete and steel construction. As the first purpose built colocation Data Centre in Europe, Telehouse North gives customers access to an extensive range of carriers. With 9717m2 of technical space, this site offers highly resilient power and cooling for your IT equipment. 24-hour security protects the site from the perimeter inwards. Customers may only access the data centre through airlock mantraps in order to prevent tailgating.

Zertifikate: Quality Management System: ISO 9001

Europe / Russia / Moscow - MnogoByte

MnogoByte data center is located in the area of Moscow, Russia. The data center network provides connectivity to all major network providers in Russia and the connected countries. Connecting of MnogoByte data center to our network improves our presence in the country both for the corporate and end user networks. Thanks to the very good connectivity here we are keeping close to 100% of the Russian traffic inside the country with the best possible speed.

Europa / Bulgarien / Sofia - Equinix

Equinix Data Center 3DC is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The data center has interconnections to the region’s largest Internet exchange and peering point, the Bulgarian Internet Exchange, and connections to 30+ network service providers. 3DC data center improve our presence in the all Balkans countries.

Zertifikate: ISO 27001; ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; ISO 50001

North America / USA / CA / Los Angeles - Psychz Networks

At Psychz Los Angeles data center, all cooling equipment is independently dual-powered, including chillers, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for complete climate control. The fault-tolerant site infrastructure features electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%. Located right next to the One Wilshire building, the servers can provide 100+ Gigabit to a Meet-me-room at One Wilshire and 100+ Gigabit Internet capacity. The service offers multiple fiber wavelengths and can be used on all major providers, including Hurricane, China Unicom, Nlayer, Tinet, NTT, Comcast and more. With Psychz True DDoS Protection, we are able to mitigate layer 3/4 attacks as well as the effectively protect against the hard to detect layer 7 that attack applications using only a small amount of bandwidth.

Nord Amerika / USA / WA / Seattle

Our Seattle Data Center is located in one of the emblematic data center buildings in the city - Westin building, which is home to multiple network, service and cloud providers in the region. Our network partner - Astute Internet, gives us excellent connectivity to the primary Tier 1 providers in the area - Leve3, CogecoPeer1, Shaw, and GTT and connects us to the main Internet Exchange in the region - SIX, where over 1TB of traffic is exchanged. This improves further our presence in the whole West Coast of the United States. From our Seattle Data Center, we also have direct peering to the Internet Exchange in Vancouver - VANIX. The Vancouver connection improves our network presence in the whole Western Canada.

Nordamerika / USA / TX / Dallas - Psychz Networks

At Psychz Dallas data center, all cooling equipment is independently dual-powered, including chillers, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for complete climate control. The fault-tolerant site infrastructure features electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%. The data center is with 100+ Gigabit Internet capacity. With Psychz True DDoS Protection, we are able to mitigate layer 3/4 attacks as well as the effectively protect against the hard to detect layer 7 that attack applications using only a small amount of bandwidth.

North America / USA / TX / Dallas - Colocrossing

Dallas is a place where multiple networks, exchanges and cables are interconnected. The city is very important place for the whole USA. This is why ClouDNS connected a second data center in the city. With Colocrossing we are achieving better redundancy and the data center adds extra Tier 1 and Tier 2 upstreams to our network in Dallas.

North America / USA / NY / New York City - Colocrossing

The New York City data center is located in the emblematic building 111 8th Avenue, home to many large corporate enterprises including Google and eBay. We occupy the space on the 12th floor in the XO Communications data center. We are connected to the ColoCrossing network which operates with the major Tier 1 providers in the region - NTT, Level 3 and GTT.

North America / USA / NY / Buffalo

The data center in Buffalo provides better speed, performance and redundancy for our network in the New York state. Colocrossing data center is also very well connected to the major Tier 1 providers in the region - Telia and XO.

North America / USA / VA / Ashburn - Psychz Networks

At Psychz Ashburn data center we are using the full network power of Psychz Networks. It improves our presence in United States and our global DDoS protection capabilities. Ashburn data center connect us to the most important providers and exchanges in the region.

Nordamerika / USA / NC / Asheville - Immedion

Immedion Asheville is an enterprise-class data center situated on a high plateau between the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains in the Biltmore Park Technology Center, approximately 10 miles from the NOAA National Climatic Data Center. Nestled between two mountain ranges, high above the nearest flood plain and far enough inland to reduce the risk of hurricane storm surges and severe winds, our Asheville facility is protected from many natural disasters that threaten other data centers.

Zertifikate: SSAE 16; SOC I Type II

North America / USA / GA / Atlanta - Colocrossing

The data center in Atlanta improves our speed to Georgia and connected states. The Colocrossing data center provide us direct connectivity to XO Communications, Telia and Hibernia.

North America / USA / IL / Chicago

Chicago Data Center is very important for our presence in Illinois and whole Central USA. Colocrossing provides us excellent connection to GTT, which is one of the main Tier 1 providers there. With the Chicago Data Center we are achieving better speed and redundancy for our whole USA network.

North America / Canada / Quebec / Montreal - eStruxture

eStruxture datacenter is located in the city center of Montreal, Canada. The facility is connected to the major telecom providers in the country. The data center improves our presence in the country and northeast region of United States.

Zertifikate: SOC2 Type II; HIPAA; PCI DSS

South America / Brazil - Durand

Durand data center is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The data center is very good connected to all local network exchanges and peers with multiple providers in the region. Connectivity in this data center improves our Anycast DNS presence in the whole South America region in times.

Asien / Indien / Pune

Our first POP in India is based in the data center of Web Werks located in Pune, MH. The data center is connected to the main Internet Exchanges in India - MumbaiIX, and NIXI, which improves our presence in the whole India.

Asia Pacific / Hong Kong - Equinix

Equinix Hong Kong Data Center helps companies accelerate business performance by connecting them to their customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centers. The Hong Kong data center is business hub for 360+ companies. The data center is connected to 85+ network services providers. They can also interconnect to customers and partners in their digital supply chain. The Hong Kong facility is strategically situated in one of Asia’s busiest centers for international finance and trade.

In the Hong Kong Data Center we have direct peer connectivity to Mainland China with fast transit to China Unicom, China Telecom, Tencent, and Alibaba.

Zertifikate: SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-1 Type II; ISO 27001

Asia Pacific / Singapore - Equinix

Equinix Singapore data centers house many of the international and regional networks connecting South Asia. Our Singapore facility is also the leading point of access to one of the world’s three GRX peering points. Singapore is home to Equinix’s Asia-Pacific Network Operation Center. The data center is connected to 195+ network service providers.

Zertifikate: SSAE16/ISAE3402 SOC-1 Type II; ISO 27001; PCI-DSS

Asien-Pazifik / Australien / Sydney - SIS Group Rechenzentrum

SIS Group Sydney Data Center is a world class facility running on high speed redundant Internet connections, and is well equipped to handle any data requirement. Located in Waterloo (just 4 km south of Sydney’s central business district), the data centre caters to businesses throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. The SIS Group data centre environment is tightly controlled to ensure hardware performs at its optimum level. Temperature and humidity control, back up power supplies, water detection systems, and security controls guarantee continuous flow of data. Sydney DC is also connected by dark fiber with the largest data centres in Sydney.

Afrika / Südafrika / Johannesburg - Hetzners Data Center Park

Centrally located within easy reach of both Johannesburg and Pretoria, Hetzner's energy-efficient, carrier-neutral Data Centre Park offers a secure, climate-controlled environment. Thanks to the connectivity of this data center we are improving our presence in South Africa by average 30ms.

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