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Primary DNS server

We have already talked about what is DNS and what is a Secondary DNS, this time we will focus on the Primary DNS server. There is a DNS hierarchy in which the Primary DNS server is taking the central spot. It has the latest and full information, in comparison with lower level DNS servers who has just a cache of this information and with an expiry period.

Primary DNS server

This server is also known as Master server. It is responsible for hosting the zone file. This file contains information about the domain in forms of DNS records. Each domain can have just one Primary DNS server. You can manage the zone by those DNS records. You can add, edit or delete those records. The primary also synchronizes its data with the rest of the servers if there are some. There are usually Secondary DNS servers who have a copy of the zone data. This help redundancy and guarantee more up time.

How to protect your DNS?

First let’s think about the data flow. In every step, where there is a data transfer, there could be a potential threat.

  1. The zone file. It can get corrupted by an accidental mistake or malicious activities. It should be secure, and you need to do a backup often. Also you will need an excellent administrator to handle it.
  2. Dynamic updates. Here, significant threats are the unauthorized updates. You can limit only specific IP to be able to make such updates.
  3. Zone transferring. Again, limit the IPs which can do it.
  4. Remote queries. Better use a secure VPN for this kind of interaction or someone can intercept your remote queries.

Can you use both Primary DNS and Secondary DNS?

Yes, of course. You can use ClouDNS.net as your Primary DNS provider and use another company for Secondary DNS or vice versa. Just remember that you control the zone file through your Primary DNS, so better choose a provider that offers easy to use control panel and has excellent customer service.

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