Anycast DNS: A Brief Definition

Anycast DNS is plain and simple a superior choice for DNS, but let's backtrack a bit and give you a basic understanding of how Anycast DNS works.

The purely technical definition states "Anycast DNS is a network addressing and routing methodology, in which datagrams from a single sender are routed to the topologically nearest node in a group of potential receivers." This might be a bit complicated to grasp, so here's a simpler way to view the concept.

Anycast DNS is a simple concept - you can reach a single destination following many different roads. Instead of having all the traffic go down one route, Anycast DNS utilizes multiple locations that receive queries to the network, but in different geographical locations. The objective here is for the network to find the shortest path for a user to a particular DNS server.

Anycast DNS

The Unicast protocol is a relic from the past and it doesn't adequately meet client's needs. It lacks the ability to mitigate DDoS attacks globally, have lower dns latency across countries or make proper load balancing in multiple locations. Anycast DNS is your ticket for a fast and reliable dns at the same time!

ClouDNS features a Premium Anycast DNS service in each of our Anycast DDoS Protected DNS Plan we tailor for you (view Anycast DDoS Protected DNS plans). We maximize the speed, minimize downtime and provide our customers with the highest possible SLA for each of our global locations. Our customers have full redundancy and reliability on our network with reduced latency across each continent.

Ein Fall für Anycast DNS Überlegenheit

Nun, da wir die Grundlagen erklärt haben und Ihnen eine Kerndefinition von Anycast DNS gegeben haben, erlauben Sie uns, in die Details zu gehen. Dies sind einige der unbestreitbaren Vorteile, die Sie erhalten, wenn Sie das ClouDNS Anycast Netzwerk nutzen.:

DDoS Business
DDoS Professional
Premium M
Premium S
DNS Zonen: 250 50 75 25
DNS Einträge: Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt 3,500 1,000
DNS queries pro Monat: Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt
DDoS Schutz: - -
Weitere Informationen Weitere Informationen Weitere Informationen Weitere Informationen
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