Privacy policy

  1. IP addresses and Browser details
    Our servers detect the IP address of your browser from the TCP protocol. This IP address is used by ClouDNS servers only for our internal use - security and rate limiting.
    We store browser details and IP addresses of each account for security reasons - mainly for but not limited to investigate hacked accounts or fraudulent activities. Login history is stored for three years on our servers and these history logs are available within the Profile section of your control panel.
  2. Customer details
    We store customer details - e-mail and contact information only for account, billing purposes, and notifications. Under no circumstances ClouDNS will lease, sell, or provide your personal information to any third parties without your permission, a court order or legit legal request by legal authorities.
    All customer details listed above are stored on servers within the European Union (currently in Amsterdam , Netherlands).
  3. Domain WHOIS information
    For each domain registration or transfer, we request whois details which we are providing to the Domain Registry, authority from where we are buying the domain name. Every TLD has a specific Domain Registry we are using. The Domain Registry manages a WHOIS database which is a register of all domain names within that Domain Registry and their owners. Information in the WHOIS contains the contact details of the owner and proof of ownership of the customers at the Domain Registry. How the WHOIS database is shared with other parties is managed by the Domain Registry and ClouDNS does not have the ability to prevent visibility of the contact details to public.
    The Privacy Protection option provided by ClouDNS for particular domain extensions allows the customer details to be hidden to the domain registry. When the Privacy Protection is activated, Cloud DNS Ltd is listed as the owner of the domain name in the WHOIS database, but not the Customer. Note that some TLDs do not support the Privacy Protection option and you will not be able to activate it in order to hide your contact details from the Domain Registry and the Domain Registry WHOIS database. Even with enabled Privacy Protection, the Customer is still listed as the owner in the records in ClouDNS’s database and the contact details can be exposed if the domain name is used for illegal activities or from a legal request by the authorities or a court order.
  4. Cookies
    ClouDNS uses cookies to save user settings, count user visits, and site analytics. None of these cookies are used to track the customers outside of our website.
    Some of the cookies are set and managed by Google Analytics, a tool from Aphabet Inc (parent company of Google Inc) to analyze website visits. We are not sharing any customer details or identifiers collected and defined in point 2.
  5. Credit cards information.
    All purchases on the websites managed by ClouDNS are handled by a third party -,,, or other Banks, in which the transferred information thereof is encrypted. ClouDNS does not arrange, save or transport any credit card numbers.
  6. DNS query details
    ClouDNS does not store or share any query details or track end-user activities. To provide stable service, we are counting the requests sent from single IP address for each DNS zone for analytical purposes and to be able to prevent DDoS attacks against our infrastructure or services of customers. Statistics for each zone are available and accessible within the control panel of each Customer and are deleted as soon as the DNS zone is removed by the customer or the storage limits defined in terms of Service are reached.
  7. Erase of data
    ClouDNS gives the ability to its customers to erase and/or modify all the data within their control panel. If you need your account ( including your data) with ClouDNS to be deleted, please contact us from the Support menu ( top of your control panel ) and our Technical Support will erase all the information we have in our database for your account.
  8. Communication
    1. All our Customers can manage what e-mail notifications they want to receive from us. If you wish to unsubscribe from any of our e-mails, please click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the end of the e-mail or change your Subscription settings from your control panel.
    2. Depending on your mail provider the e-mails may be send to you from third party provider Mailgun, mostly for e-mail validation and notifications. E-mails related to support, billing or other tickets are sent from our own mail servers.
    3. For the livechat communication we are using third party provier Livechatinc. Control panel data and user details are not shared with the provider. Customer identification requires a PIN changed every 24 hours.

Data Protection Officer

According to GDPR regulations, Cloud DNS Ltd is below the required limit for having a Data Protection Officer. In case of any issues which require a contact with the person responsible for our customer data at Cloud DNS Ltd. please contact and address your message to the Company Manager (CEO): Boyan Peychev
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