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[RESOLVED] Servers Upgrade

Dear Customers,

For the last 5 days DNS servers,, and are under large DDoS attacks (over 25Gbps and 2,000,000 packages per second). From the beginning of the attack and are null routed, because of a limited capacity of the data centers in the United Kingdom and Romania.

Mitigation strategy is restored to normal activity. is with changed IP - (old IP is The service is provided by DDoS Guard and is with 140Gbps capacity. It should be able to handle this big attack against our service. is with unchanged IP address. It is backed by Staminus (one of the largest DDoS protection providers). The limit of the protection is 5Gbps. We will upgrade it soon. is forwarded to the new server. is with changed IP - (old IP is The new server is located again in Texas, USA.

What you need to do?

If you use Slave DNS zones, you need to allow the new IP addresses of and for zone transfers. Currently all Slave DNS zones are migrated with their last state.
If you use DNS branding, you need to upgrade your A and Glue records to the new and IP addresses.

The old IP addresses of and will be supported until Jun 1, 2014.

1,000% SLA

According to our 1,000% SLA all our customers with these servers are extended with 50 days for free.

Sorry for the caused inconvenience. Please contact us, if you have any problems.

ClouDNS Team

[RESOLVED],, and are under a large DDoS Attack

Dear Customers, and are temporary down, because of a large DDoS attack (over 30Gbps).

[UPDATE 16:34 CET] is currently okay. Attack is moved to and To prevent damades our Romanian data center null-routed

[UPDATE 19:21 CET] Everything is okay from 2 hours on and We work to get back up.

[UPDATE 21:20 CET] is included to the list with attacked servers.

[UPDATE Apr 19, 16:00 CET] and are still null-routed. We will try to get back up after few hours.

[UPDATE Apr 19, 20:00 CET] The Attack continues with full power.,, and are attacked with over 20Gbps

[UPDATE Apr 20, 20:00 CET] Everything with the attack is okay now. is still nullrouted to be save data center in Romania. is in the Staminus data center in their Irvine DC and currently is down, because an outage of the data center. The problem is related with the fiber connection and it is not related with our attack.

[UPDATE Apr 21, 05:00 CET] The problem of Staminus Irvine DC is fixed. is back up and everything looks okay. If everything is okay today, we will remove the nullroute of and add it back to the cloud.

[UPDATE Apr 21, 9:45 CET] The attack started again. and are nullrouted.

[UPDATE Apr 22, 7:30 CET] and are forwarded to and is forwarded to We work to mitigate the attack with third party services like BlackLotus and Staminus. More information will be added soon.

[UPDATE Apr 22, 10:45 CET] The IP address of is changed to The owners of slave (Secondary) DNS zones need to add this IP to their list with allowed master servers for transfers. The customers with DNS branding should update it too. Customers with Master DNS zones don't need to change their settings. The service behind this IP is provided by DDoS Guard.

ClouDNS Team

[RESOLVED] Emergency synchronization

Dear Customers,

Because of a required emergency synchronization of some of our servers, it is possible the updates to be delayed. We are sorry for the caused inconvenience.

[UPDATE 18:45 CET] Emergency synchronization is completed. Please contact our technical support, if you have any problems questions.

ClouDNS Team

Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability Notification

Dear Customers,

We have received a few questions related with this vulnerability. We want to inform you that our servers are not affected by Heartbleed vulnerability. So please don't panic and enjoy your service.

ClouDNS Team

Primary and Secondary Reverse DNS zones


Dear customers,

Today we release the long requested feature Registering of Reverse DNS Zones. Every Premium customer now can register IPv4 or IPv6 Master or Slave Reverse Zone and can add NS and PTR records to it. The Reverse DNS is also available with several API methods. You can find out, if an API method supports Reverse zones on its API help page.

Wire Transfers are added to the payment methods. Our bank account is in EU, so for the customers in EU the SEPA fees should be very low.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any problems or questions.

ClouDNS Team
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