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Dear customers,

Today were released new features of our control panel. There are upgrades, such as:
- Row per page, where you can select how many domains you want to see on 1 page in your dashboard.
- Spanish language translation.

ClouDNS Team

[COMPLETED] Servers updates

Dear customers,

In addition to make our network better, we moved NS1, NS2 and PNS1 to a new servers. If you use DNS Brnding or Slave/Backup zones, you should change the IP addresses to:

NS1: From to (Location Netherlands)
NS2: From to (Location USA / CA)
PNS1: From to (Location United Kingdom)

Old server IP addresses will be available until July 31st.

We have started a new server PNS3 with IP address, located in USA / CA. You can see all availbale servers at Dashboard page in your web control panel.

For any questions or problems, don't hesitate to write us to

ClouDNS Team

Added new premium server and Romanian translation

Dear costumers,

We are proud to present you the changes of our site:

* The site was translated into Romanian language
* You can change your e-mail address from the profile page

We also started new premium server, which is for premium users only. We recomend that our premium users use both premium servers. You can see the available servers at the Dashboard page of your control panel.

ClouDNS Team

[RESOLVED] Servers problem

Dear customers,

Due to network problems, NS1, NS2 and NS3 are not working properly. We are working to fix the problem.
NS4 and the premium servers are working fine.

ClouDNS Team

Servers changes

Dear Premium customers,

To improve the quality of our services we made some changes to our servers. Please change the IP's of your DNS Branding as follows: - -

We changed the location of from Bulgaria to Germany, to provide you with better services. The new is now moved from Rackspace to Linode, again in Texas, USA. You can use the old till the end of June 2011, after that you can use only the new one. The old is now offline.

ClouDNS Department
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