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.BIZ Registrations @ Just $9.59

Dear customers,

Now, get your new .BIZ Registrations at just $9.59 and set up your business online.

Why .BIZ?

.BIZ is a name that spells out your business. It’s a short, direct and upfront Domain and better than most other TLDs. It’s time to move beyond the .COMs and create brand value.

With the new trending attribute of ‘shorter is better’, .BIZ Domains have become one of the most desired TLDs in the market.

Additionally, .BIZ is one of the most preferred Domain extensions for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that promises Better Rankings on all leading search engines.

The .BIZ Promo began on the 13th of October 2011 and will end on the 30th of December, 2011

ClouDNS Team

Many new services from ClouDNS

Dear customers,

We are proud to announce, that since today ClouDNS officialy sales domain names. You can buy domains in the COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, NAME, MOBI, TV, WS, IN, BZ, ME, MN, CN.COM, COM.AU and NET.AU domains. Domains can be ordered only from registered users.

From our domain admin panel, you can change your contact information, add up to 13 name servers, add glue/child records/nameservers, lock the transfer of your domains and password protection for domain transfer.

We also have a Transfer option, which allows you to transfer domains from your curent registrar to ClouDNS.

And this is not everything, we have two new premium account types - StartUP and Business. They are with limited domain zones, but includes access to our API. With this API you can use all options from our web interface in your custom control panel, server scripts or reseller site.

ClouDNS Team

NS2 - updated

Dear customers,

Today we release new additional NS2 server. The old one won't be stoped, so you don't need to do any changes to your configurations. We only want to have more resources for new customers.

ClouDNS Team


Dear customers,

Today were released new features of our control panel. There are upgrades, such as:
- Row per page, where you can select how many domains you want to see on 1 page in your dashboard.
- Spanish language translation.

ClouDNS Team

[COMPLETED] Servers updates

Dear customers,

In addition to make our network better, we moved NS1, NS2 and PNS1 to a new servers. If you use DNS Brnding or Slave/Backup zones, you should change the IP addresses to:

NS1: From to (Location Netherlands)
NS2: From to (Location USA / CA)
PNS1: From to (Location United Kingdom)

Old server IP addresses will be available until July 31st.

We have started a new server PNS3 with IP address, located in USA / CA. You can see all availbale servers at Dashboard page in your web control panel.

For any questions or problems, don't hesitate to write us to

ClouDNS Team

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