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As promised, we continue with the good news.

ClouDNS tech team is happy to introduce our new POP (Point of Presence), situated in Miami, Florida!

Equinix MI1 data center in Miami has a high level of security, connectivity, cooling, power quality, and comprehensive certification. Our network upstream here is Path Network providing us rock solid DDoS protection capabilities combined with our own DNS protection strategies.

The data center has the following certificates: SOC 1 Type II; SOC 2 Type II; ISO 27001; NIST 800-53/FI; PCI DSS; HIPAA; ISO 22301.

List with Linked Data Centers:

We don’t stop working to improve our services. Expect more news from us very soon!

We are starting the month with some great news!

ClouDNS team is pleased to share that we expanded our Anycast DNS network with a new POP (Point of Presence). It is located in Sandefjord, Norway.

Terrahost Data Center provides excellent physical security. It gives good connectivity to Telenor, Telia, Global Connect, Altibox, and overall good latency to the entire country. Additionally, we are presented to the largest internet exchanges in the country - NIX, FIXO, and FSIX.

List with Linked Data Centers!

Keep following us because there will be more exciting news very soon!

November starts with great news! ClouDNS Monitoring service & DNS Failover has a new valuable option. NOW you can choose the Asia-Pacific region for your Monitoring & DNS Failover checks. This option is an addition to the already existing regions - Europe and North America.

It is an amazing opportunity without an existing analog for the Asia-Pacific region!

Learn more details about the ClouDNS Monitoring service and DNS Failover!

We keep working to improve our services continuously. So, you can expect more fantastic news from us very soon!

We are happy to announce additional 40 monitoring nodes for our DNS Failover service and Monitoring service. All of them will be available on October 11, 2022. 

List with the new locations and their IPs:

Bulgaria, Sofia 3 -
Estonia, Tallinn -; 2a04:6f00:4::166
Finland, Helsinki 3 -
Germany, Dusseldorf -; 2a03:d9c0:2000::19
Germany, Frankfurt 5 -
Hungary, Budapest -; 2a03:90c0:395::2da
Italy, Milan -; 2a03:90c0:1b5::387
Kazakhstan, Almaty* -
Moldova, Chisinau -
Romania, Bucharest 3 -
Serbia, Belgrade -
Spain, Madrid 3 -
Sweden, Stockholm -
Sweden, Stockholm 2 -
Turkey, Istanbul -
Turkey, Istanbul 2 -, 2a03:90c0:164::45
Ukraine, Kyiv 2 -
United Kingdom, London 4 -, 2a03:90c0:146::14ca

North America:
Canada, Toronto 3 -
Mexico, Queretaro City -; 2a03:90c0:545::1b2
United States, Ashburn -; 2a03:90c0:25::27a
United States, Ashburn 2 -; 2a01:4ff:f0:fd7::1
United States, Ashburn 3 -
United States, Chicago 3 -
United States, Los Angeles 2 -
United States, Los Angeles 3 -; 2607:f130:0:d5:216:3eff:fe27:1bf9
United States, Santa Clara -
United States, Seattle 2 -; 2605:3a40:4::1cc
United States, Miami 2 -

South America:
Brazil, Sao Paulo -; 2803:80:8001:23c::1
Brazil, Sao Paulo 3 -; 2a03:90c0:186::170
Peru, Lima -; 2a03:90c0:555::67a

Hong Kong 3 -; 2a03:90c0:2c6::8a
Hong Kong 4 -; 2403:2c80:1000::1bc
India, Mumbai 3 -; 2a03:90c0:285::fe
Korea, Seoul -; 2401:c080:1c01:871:5400:2ff:fefa:b0a6
Japan, Osaka 2 -; 2400:ddc0:c001::219
Singapore 5 -
Taiwan, Taipei -, 2401:95c0:303:2:1766::efef

South Africa, Johannesburg -, 2c0f:f738:3802:61::1

*Kazakhstan geographically is located mostly in Asia, but there is no direct internet connection to Asia and all the traffic goes to Europe and then to Asia. This is why the monitoring node is added to the Europe region.

Added IPv6 support to existing nodes:

Poland, Warsaw 2 -; 2a03:90c0:d5::16
Russian Federation, Khabarovsk -; 2a03:90c0:a5::91

Middle East:
Israel, Tel Aviv -; 2a03:90c0:1e5::13c

South Africa, Johannesburg 2 -; 2a03:90c0:1f5::19

You can find full list with our Monitoring and Failover locations HERE!

Expect more news from us very soon!

As you know, ClouDNS tech team doesn’t stop working to make our services even better. Today we are happy to announce our new option. You can already link a user to a specific control panel! This way, you can restrict your customers to access only one control panel.

ClouDNS Reseller’s Panel

Reseller’s Panel is a very popular way to resell our DNS services. It has a clean design, which can be customized. Also, you can find all the methods available to resell our services here!

Expect more news from us very soon!

We are happy to announce that we’ve upgraded our Monitoring service with an SMS notification option. Using it, you will receive instant information about your monitoring status, even if you do not have Internet access at that moment.

Learn more about the SMS notifications.

If you haven't already tested our Monitoring service, we strongly recommend doing it! Check our Monitoring plans here!

Another great news from ClouDNS! Everyone, who is using our Reseller’s panel, is now able to set a DNS records count limit for their customers. This is an extremely useful feature for all our resellers who want to manage the resources they distribute to their customers effectively. Learn how to modify the records limit in the following article!

ClouDNS Reseller’s Panel

Reseller’s Panel is easy and popular way to resell our DNS services. It is a powerful DNS Management tool, which has a clean design and also can be customized. Learn more about it!

Our Tech team doesn’t stop working, so expect more news from us very soon!

Fantastic news from us! Today we are announcing 17 new Private DNS server locations available.

When you get a Private DNS server, it will be linked with our network and web interface. The Server will be managed and supported by our system administrators, and you will be able to manage all your domains via our web interface.

ClouDNS Private DNS Server locations

We continue working on our services to make them even better. So don’t stop following us, there will be more great news very soon!

ClouDNS doesn’t stop working to improve our services. Today we are happy to announce new API methods related to our Monitoring service!

Now you can choose from various API methods - Create Monitoring check, List Monitoring checks, Get uptime changes, Get history, Delete monitoring check, and many more, to automate your monitoring activities.

Here you can find all the available API methods related to our Monitoring service!

Keep following our site and social channels because there will be more exciting news soon!

ClouDNS team is happy to announce our latest Monitoring service update! Now you are able to use Heartbeat monitoring.

It is a great way to monitor servers/computers/devices connected to the Internet. Heartbeat monitoring is a time-tested method of tracking the health of a device or software system by sending regular heartbeat events to a remote monitoring service.

Heartbeat monitoring works in an opposite way compared to the other available monitoring types. It requires the monitor to send the requests so that our monitoring system can decide if it is UP or DOWN.

Try our great Monitoring service for free!

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