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The new year is starting with great news! We are happy to announce the 30th POP in our DNS network! It is located in Istanbul!

Our data center and network provider in Istanbul is Premier DC. This POP provides access to the major internet service providers in Turkey. Our main goal is to ensure really high speed for our customers!

We continue to expand our Anycast DNS network! There will be more exciting news soon, so don’t stop following us.

Here you can check out all of our linked data centers!

Our autumn is starting with a new POP! It is located in the capital city of India - Mumbai.

* The POP in Pune will no longer be active!

Launching the new POP ensures perfect operation and no problems. It is directly connected to NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) and DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange).

Our team is constantly working to improve our Anycast DNS network further! Here you can check out all of our linked data centers!

ClouDNS team is happy to inform you that our website and control panel are now translated into Hebrew!

This translation provides an excellent opportunity for our customers from Israel to use our website even easier and more enjoyable. Of course, we continue to work and improve our services. Expect more great news from us soon!

Check the translated website version here:

ClouDNS developer team is happy to announce that they added DS records!

These records, also known as Delegation Signer records, are used to secure delegations (DNSSEC). The DS records allow the transfer of trust from a parent zone to a child zone. You can read more detailed information about the DS records in our wiki section:

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Our development team works tirelessly to make our services better. Now we are introducing the latest DNS Failover updates:

  • Added an option to set up the DNS Failover checks intervals. Using it will avoid changing the IP if you have short-term network problems. Available options are:
    • 1 minute (default)
    • 2 minutes
    • 5 minutes
    • 10 minutes
    • 15 minutes
    • 20 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 1 hour

    Note: Still, double confirmation is needed. For example, if the check is at every 10 minutes, it means the change will be applied once the second confirmation is received, which will require a total of 20 minutes monitoring time.
  • You will now be able to choose which email to receive Failover notifications for every different check. If there is no notification mail for the check, notifications will be sent by default to the account e-mail.

    Note: From now, it is mandatory notification mail to be entered once the check is modified or created in the ClouDNS Reseller Panel, so you will be sure the notification will be sent directly to e-mails entered by your customers, instead of to flood your account e-mail.
  • As part of better reporting, we have added an opportunity to export logs from monitoring in CSV format, so you can perform better audits on your side and review the logs.

If you still don't use DNS Failover, you can learn more about it here.

As you know, the ClouDNS team works tirelessly to provide customers with increasingly better user experience. The last feature we built is called “Custom Timezone”. It allows you to set a specific timezone in your account.

It's a handy feature because after setting up, you will be able to see every DNS stats, login history, email history, and notifications, which you receive in the time zone you have chosen.

Expect a lot of news and updates from us soon!

ClouDNS is happy to announce that we've added another payment method - WeChat Pay!

WeChat Pay is one of China‘s leading payment methods. Around 800 million users pay with it each month, and their number is growing steadily.

The payment method provides a high level of protection and security for all of its users. It is certified to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

WeChat Pay is an excellent addition to AliPay for our Chinese customers. Keep in mind the payment method is only for USD payments with China billing country.

Bonjour la France!

Тhe European journey of ClouDNS continues!

The POP #29 is in Paris, France! Our Anycast DNS network is already linked with Virtua Systems. It’s located in the “Scaleway DC2” data center, a preferred point to cover the country wide traffic needs.

With Virtua Systems we are having direct access to the major internet providers in France, like Orange, and to the internet exchanges France-IX and Hopus.

As you know, we don’t stop to expand our Anycast DNS network! There will be more interesting news soon, so don't stop following us!

Here you can check out all of our linked data centers!

The spring started, and we're ready to continue our European Expansion!

Our POP #28 is here! We have linked ColoCall data center to our Anycast network. It's located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

ColoCall has direct access to the major Internet Exchanges in Ukraine - UA-IX, Giganet, DTEL-IX. We continue to improve our Anycast network to provide better speed to all our customers. And that's not all, expect more exciting news from us soon!

Here you can check out all of our linked data centers!


10 years ClouDNS!

10 years of ClouDNS already! We want to thank you! All of you, our partners, and clients. Together we are improving year after year. Based on your feedback, we have added many features and locations.

During the years we have added:

  • 27 Anycast locations, strategically located for best results
  • GeoDNS for excellent load balancing on a global scale
  • DDoS Protected servers to reduce the downtime for your business
  • DNSSEC for better security
  • DNS Failover for automated reaction in case of a system failure
  • Multi-lingual site for your convenience
  • Many more features!

What more can you expect from us?

We will keep upgrading our services, adapting to and predicting the industry changes. We will continue improving our interface and language support. We will add value to your business with excellent performance at a reasonable price.

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