Introducing OPENPGPKEY, DNAME, HINFO, LOC and SMIME records


ClouDNS tech team starts the new year strong! Today we are happy to introduce 5 new DNS record types, already available for our clients - OPENPGPKEY, DNAME, HINFO, LOC and SMIME.

  • OPENPGPKEY record is used to encrypt an email message or verify a sender's OpenPGP signature.
  • DNAME record provides redirection from a part of the DNS name tree to another part of the DNS name tree.
  • HINFO record allows you to define the hardware type and Operating System (OS) in use for a host.
  • LOC record allows you to specify a physical location for a domain name.
  • SMIMEA record often contains one or more certificates. These certificates assist in authenticating the sender of the message.

Have a question about the new DNS record types? Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support or email us at

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