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WHMCS Update

We have released a new version of our WHMCS module - version 1.5

Here are the key changes in the update:

Оur team is constantly working to improve the quality of our services!
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Our development team works tirelessly to make our services better. Today we are introducing the latest updates:

  • TLSA record support both in our web and reseller control panel, and API
  • Updated dashboard design for registered domains and mobile devices support
  • Support for configuring DS / DNSKEY records for registered domain names

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Great news for Sweden!

Our last POP is located in Stockholm, Glesys, and provides both colocation space and network connectivity. We are covering almost all the traffic in Sweden and Norway, and part of Denmark.

We have a stable connection to the major internet providers in the region, like Telia, and internet exchanges - Netnod Stockholm, IXOR, FIXO, NIX, Netnod Copenhagen, and STHIX Copenhagen.

Check out the list with our POP locations here!

Our Europe expansion continues.

We have linked AlpineDC data center located in Lausanne, Switzerland, to our anycast network.

This POP provides us access to the major transit providers and internet exchanges in the region. We have direct access to RomandIX located in Lausanne and SwissIX situated in Zurich. Additionally, AplineDC provides us access DE-CIX, one of the primary exchanges in Europe, and France-IX - core exchange in France.

Check out all of our POPs here!
More new POPs are coming soon.

Summer started, and we have entered in our Europe expansion!

We have linked the IRIDEOS data center located in Milan, Italy, to our anycast. Server easy provides network connectivity, and we have direct access to the major telecom operators in the country and Milan Internet Exchange (MIX-IT), which is processing over 500Gbps. Excellent network allowing us to handle all the traffic locally in the country. Read more for our new POP here.

Thanks to our loyal and growing customers, we can expand our network too!
More new POPs in Europe are coming soon.


New POP in Japan

Great news for our customers! ClouDNS is in Japan with a new point of presence (POP). We now operate 24 Anycast DNS facilities on six continents.

The network connectivity is from our partner New Media Express with a direct link to the major exchanges in the country - JPIX and Equinix Tokyo. We are connected to JPNIC and some of the primary telecom providers in the country, providing us maximum speed and performance in the country.

Maybe this is not the POP you’re looking for? Contact us with your suggestions and feedback.

Thank you for using our service.

Exciting news for our China customers!

We have added an extra peer in our Hong Kong Data Center with direct connectivity to Mainland China.
Now all the traffic to Mainland China is routed through our new premium link.
The newly established connection improves the latency for our Anycast Network to Mainland China.

The latency to China Unicom, China Telecom, Tencent, and Alibaba is now up to 4 times better!


DNSSEC Release

Our team has worked very hard to give you DNSSEC for more than just secondary. As of today, DNSSEC is available and for primary as well.

DNSSEC is a feature that authenticates responses. It prevents attackers from manipulating or infiltrating the responses to DNS requests. You can read more about DNS Spoofing at our blog.

How to set up DNSSEC?

Just click the activation button in the control panel, and our system will secure the zone. You will be required only to add the DS records at the provider. Setup is completed!

How safe is it?

Well, we are using the Elliptical Curve Algorithm (ECDSA P-256) for all signatures, which is stronger and smaller than the standard RSA keys.

Will all this slow you down?

No. We are keeping DNS answers as small as possible, which means faster speed for you! Additionally, our Anycast DNS Network provides more rapid responses from the closest location to the resolver.

Is something wrong?

No matter what day, no matter when, we provide continuous, uninterrupted network monitoring and support. Live chat or a ticket, your choice! Our Technical Support team is online for you 24/7.

Feedback, new ideas, or anything, is always welcomed. Never hesitate to contact us about something you need! You are ClouDNS!


ENUM (E164) Release

Today we like to introduce our ENUM DNS service. ENUM is a system for telephone number mapping, which unifies the international telephone number system with the Internet addressing namespaces. In other words, telecom administrators can now create NAPTR DNS records and choose which server to handle the phone calls for the given number.

The new E.164 zones are available both for primary and secondary. No extra charge! Read the documentation here for more details on how to create E.164 zones.

This new management system is part of our DNS hosting plans - Premium and DDoS Protected DNS.

We like to keep everything easy and fast. ENUM zones are to be created within seconds from the web control panel or automatically with our HTTP API.

The Failover DNS is a powerful feature we have released a year ago. The service is used by many of our customers to monitor their DNS records and update them dynamically in case of down events. Last month we released a lot of new monitoring locations and currently, we have 42 monitoring locations to check the uptime of our your servers.

Today we are releasing a new feature to keep your monitoring smarter - Monitoring Regions.  With this new option, you can specify from which regions to monitor your failover records. Available Monitoring Regions:

  • Global - to monitor from all available nodes, this is the default option for all existing records
  • Europe - the record will be monitored only from nodes located in Europe
  • North America - only nodes in North America will be used for the monitoring checks

The new option for Monitoring Regions allows you to monitor your GeoDNS records only from the area where they are responsible or to build more advanced configurations for your regular non-GeoDNS records.

Read more about Monitoring Regions in the DNS Failover Documentation...

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