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Today we are releasing our brand new DNS Failover service after three months of Beta Testing when we have improved the service stability, performance and accuracy to meet our customer standards and requirements.


What is DNS Failover?

The service keeps your websites and services online in the event of a system or network outages. DNS Failover does it by moving the DNS traffic to another working IP address.

Additionally, we are using the DNS Failover service as distributed monitoring with e-mail alerts. The system monitors your checks from multiple nodes around the world. You can set up the DNS Failover service as monitoring to notify you in case of problems without any changes to be applied to your DNS.

You can read more for the new DNS Failover service here:


What is the price?

As a compliment to our existing customers, we have added One DNS Failover and Monitoring check for Free for all Premium, DDoS Protected, and GeoDNS plans. Extra checks can be added to the all hosting plans.

Here are the options:

  • 3 checks - $2.45/month
  • 5 checks - $3.45/month
  • 10 checks - $4.95/month
  • Over 10 checks - $2.00/month for each 5 extra checks
  • More than 50 checks? Talk with our Sales Team at


Have a question? Ask our Experienced Technical Support at


New website design

We have started significant design update on our website. The first change is our main menu and home page.

In the next few months, we will update our whole website step by step. We will begin with re-skin of the existing web pages, and slowly we will add interface improvements and friendly mobile visibility.
We would like to know what you think about the improvements we are doing. Please share with us your feedback by using

Thanks to the recent update of the BitPay payment system currently we are supporting Bitcoin Cash.

You can pay with the new payment method by choosing "Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash" at the last step of the ordering process:


Check all available payment methods here.

[UPDATE Mar 9, 21:10 CET] Maintenance is completed. Affected services are up and running.

[UPDATE Mar 9, 19:30 CET] Maintenance is started.


This is a notification about a planned maintenance ClouDNS core database.
During the maintenance we will migrate our database to new servers.

Start: 2018-03-09 19:30:00 CET
End : 2018-03-09 20:30:00 CET
Affects: Website, HTTP API, Web Redirects service, Mail forwards service

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this may have cause. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us directly at

EN: We translated our website into Simplified Chinese! Now our Chinese speaking users will find it easier to use and navigate. Thank you for using ClouDNS.

CHS: 厉害了,我的站!全面支持中文版啦!感谢您使用ClouDNS

Go to ClouDNS CHS.

Today we’re opening a beta test for our new service - DNS Failover.

You can apply for beta access from here, just fill the short form below. All participants can continue to use DNS Failover for FREE for one year, once the beta test is over. Please read the description and disclaimer before applying:

  • Beta test starts Tuesday /6 Mar 2018/ - ends Sunday /25 Mar 2018/ at 23:59 GMT.
  • Beta participants are obliged to fill a short questionnaire (8 simple questions included) after completing the beta.
  • Once the beta test is over and the questionnaire is completed, the beta testers can continue to use the DNS Failover service for FREE for one year.
  • Maximum beta participants: 20

ClouDNS Indonesia

EN: We just translated our website into Bahasa Indonesia! Now our Indonesian speaking users will find it easier to use and navigate. Thank you for using ClouDNS.

ID: Kami baru saja menerjemahkan website kami ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia! Sekarang pengguna kami yang berbahasa Indonesia akan lebih mudah menggunakan dan menjelajahinya. Terima kasih sudah menggunakan ClouDNS. Go to ClouDNS ID

We have more exciting news to share! Today we released our new point of presence (POP) in Pune, MH, India. ClouDNS now operates 23 Anycast DNS facilities on six continents.

ClouDNS Pune Data Center

Thank you for using our service.

We have some exciting news to share. We just launched our new point of presence (POP) in Seattle, WA.

ClouDNS now operates 22 Anycast DNS facilities on six continents.

Thank you for using our service.

We just translated our website into Japanese! Now our Japanese speaking users will find it easier to use and navigate. Thank you for using ClouDNS.

私たちは私たちのウェブサイトを日本語に翻訳しました! 日本語の話せるユーザーは, 利用しやすく, 移動することができるようになりました. ClouDNSをご利用ありがとうございます. Go to ClouDNS JP.

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