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Additional new features to ClouDNS Monitoring service


We are happy to announce significant updates to our Monitoring service. These updates aim to provide more in-depth and timely information about your network performance.

ICMP Ping monitoring - Latency and Packet loss

Our Ping monitoring check now includes two new metrics:

  • Latency - allows you to measure the latency of the packets, helping you assess the speed of your network.
  • Packet loss - indicates the percentage of packets that are lost during the ping, giving you an insight into the quality of your network.

Timing measurement for various monitoring checks

For our HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, UDP, and SSL checks, we have introduced a new metric to display the time required to complete the network request. The time is displayed for each check in the monitoring history, offering a better understanding of your service's performance from different locations.

DNS monitoring - Query time

For the DNS check, we have added an option to see the query time required to complete the DNS request. Query time is recorded for each monitoring check and visible in the monitoring history, allowing for more precise monitoring of your DNS performance.

Regex for HTTP and HTTPS custom strings

For the custom HTTP(S) monitoring, we have added the functionality to use regular expressions (regex). This advanced feature allows you to specify a custom match of the content based on your own regex when crawling web pages. In addition to regex, you can set your check with a Keyword or Exact match.

Ready to explore the enhancements? Head over to our Monitoring service to dive in.

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