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ClouDNS tech team starts the new year strong! Today we are happy to introduce 5 new DNS record types, already available for our clients - OPENPGPKEY, DNAME, HINFO, LOC and SMIME.

  • OPENPGPKEY record is used to encrypt an email message or verify a sender's OpenPGP signature.
  • DNAME record provides redirection from a part of the DNS name tree to another part of the DNS name tree.
  • HINFO record allows you to define the hardware type and Operating System (OS) in use for a host.
  • LOC record allows you to specify a physical location for a domain name.
  • SMIMEA record often contains one or more certificates. These certificates assist in authenticating the sender of the message.

Have a question about the new DNS record types? Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support or email us at

Today we officially release our new service - ClouDNS Monitoring!

The Monitoring service provides an opportunity to check your server status in real time. Depending on your monitoring purposes, you can choose from our stack of different check types (Ping, HTTP, HTTP with custom string, HTTPS, HTTPS with custom string, TCP, UDP, and DNS).

Find out more about ClouDNS Monitoring service!

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support or send us an email at

ClouDNS team is happy to announce 39 new Monitoring locations for our DNS Failover service. Thus their total number reaches 81! All new nods will be available on 11 October.

Here you can find a complete list of our Monitoring nodes!

If you are using a firewall or other IP filters, please make sure the new IP addresses are allowed before Oct 11!

Our team continues to work to provide better and safer services to all our customers. So you can expect more exciting news from us soon!

Still not using DNS failover? Learn more about it!

ClouDNS development team continues to expand our Anycast DNS network. Today, we are happy to announce our next POP. It is located in Taiwan.

The home of our network in Taipei is CHIEF TELECOM's data center. Our network provider HostingInside is well connected to all major internet and telecom providers in the country, allowing us to cover all the domestic traffic locally!

Our development team is constantly working to improve our Anycast DNS network further!

Here you can check all of our linked data centers!

Our development team is happy to announce that DNS CERT records are already available!

DNS CERT resource records (Certificate records) are most commonly used by systems for email encryption. They are used to store certificates within DNS. These certificates verify the authenticity of the sending and receiving parties. Now, you are able to add CERT records in your Primary DNS zones!

You can find more detailed information about this type of DNS record here!

Soon you can expect new DNS record types that will be available!

Great news from us! You already have the opportunity to buy a Google Workspace plan at an affordable price from ClouDNS!

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a SaaS product that groups all the cloud-based productivity tools developed by Google for businesses. Some of them are Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides, Calendar, and much more.

Google Workspace (G Suite) provides enterprise-level features for its subscribers. Some of them are custom email addresses for your domain, optional unlimited cloud storage, and more.

Using Google Workspace can help you improve your business. Don’t miss the chance to start your subscription at a reasonable price! -

Hello, Finland! It's time for great news. Today we are introducing our 33rd POP (Point of Presence), located in Helsinki, Finland!

We are using the data center of Ficolo located in Helsinki to expand our network in Finland. With it, we have access to all the major internet and telecom providers in the country, allowing us to process almost all the traffic locally. The name of the data center we are using is "The Air". It has ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and PCI DSS certification.

ClouDNS’ development team doesn’t stop working on expanding our Anycast DNS network!

Here you can check out all of our linked data centers!


WHMCS Update

We have released a new version of our WHMCS module - version 1.6

Here you can find the key changes in the update:

  • DS records support for the Primary zones - now, you can use our WHMCS module to manage your subdomains’ DNSSEC.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes for the default template in the new WHMCS versions - improved mobile responsive design for the default WHMCS template and other minor bug fixes.
  • WHMCS v8 support - our WHMCS provisioning module is compatible with the latest WHMCS versions.

Our development team doesn’t stop working to make our services better!


If you want to learn more about our WHMCS module, check the following links:

WHMCS module page - find more detailed information about the module and a download link.

WHMCS module upgrade - learn how to upgrade to the latest version of the module!

WHMCS change log - check this page if you are interested in learning more about the different versions of the module.


Are you searching for a new trusted partner? Click here to learn more about our reseller program.

Hello (Buna ziua), Romania! As you already know, our technical team doesn’t stop working to improve our Anycast network further. So, it’s time to introduce our 32nd POP (Point of Presence), located in Bucharest, Romania!

iNES is our data center and network upstream provider there. The POP is connected to the primary internet exchanges - InterLAN and RoNIX, along with direct connectivity to the major internet service providers and telecom operators in Romania. With iNES, we can keep almost 100% of the traffic local in the country.

We continue to work to make our Anycast DNS network even better. Here you can check out all of our linked data centers

During the past few months, our development team worked on a backend tool for our customers to handle complex operations and reports. The new feature is accessible from the "Tools" menu at the top of the control panel.

Available tools at the moment are:

  • Bulk zone records activation and deactivation based on your filters
  • Exporting of zone files, mail forwards
  • Import of secondary zones
  • Generation of reports for the zones, DNSSEC state, inactivity status, and transfers details

The tool is developed with flexible options for adding more custom and complex operations needed by our customers for their daily tasks. We already have a long list of tools we will implement in the future (most of them were handled by API scripts until now).

If you need any tool that will make your daily tasks easier, please open a ticket and let us know. We will try to make it possible in just a few clicks!

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