New PoPs in Poland and Switzerland!


We are thrilled to announce an expansion of our Anycast DNS network with new PoPs in Poland and Switzerland. These strategic locations are designed to enhance our network capabilities and provide our customers with improved performance and connectivity.

In Poland, DC Mevspace 1 in Wyszkow is now our primary PoP, ensuring direct connectivity to major Tier 1 providers and internet exchanges TPIX and Thinx. Additionally, Korbank DC in Wroclaw serves as our second PoP, enhancing local coverage and speed with connections to key Tier 1 providers and exchanges TPIX, EPIX, and WRIX.

In Switzerland, our servers find a new home in the Interxion ZUR1 data center in Zurich. With network upstream Zare, we gain access to major telecom providers and SwissIX. This new PoP enables us to deliver maximum speed and performance for our customers throughout the country.

*Please note: The PoPs in Gdansk, Poland, and Lausanne, Switzerland, will no longer be active as we focus on optimizing our network for an even better performance.

Experience the next level of connectivity and performance with our expanded Anycast DNS network!

Thank you for choosing ClouDNS! Stay tuned for more interesting news from us!

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