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The ClouDNS team is excited to reveal a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Kansas City, Missouri. The PoP is hosted at the NOCIX data center and is a strategic expansion that will help improve local presence and connectivity within the United States.

Our primary upstream provider, Paradox Network, powers this PoP, granting us direct access to the internet exchange KCIX, as well as Tier 1 providers Cogent and Telia. Additionally, our collaboration with Terrahost provides access to Level 3, which strengthens our network capabilities even more. With this development, our presence in Missouri has become more solidified, and our connectivity with major Tier 1 providers in the central region is also enhanced.

ClouDNS is fully committed to constantly improving our services. We are always working hard to guarantee the resilience and efficiency of our global Anycast DNS network.

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We're thrilled to share exciting news from ClouDNS! We're proud to announce the establishment of our newest Point of Presence (PoP) right in the heart of the USA's tech hub, Silicon Valley, California.

Our servers are now strategically housed at the Equinix SV1 Data Center, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Partnering with Path Network, our network upstream connects us to the Equinix San Jose internet exchange and Tier 1 providers such as NTT, GTT, and PCCW.

The expansion enhances our network capabilities, significantly improving performance across California and the vibrant San Francisco area by also strengthening our DDoS Protection. With our Silicon Valley PoP in place, we're more equipped than ever to deliver high-quality DNS services and excellent client experience.

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Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we expand and improve our global network presence and services!

Greetings from ClouDNS! We have some great news to share about expanding our presence in Mumbai and Delhi NCR, India. These updates are all about making your online experience even better.

In Mumbai:

We've relocated our first Point of Presence (PoP) to the Web Werks data center in Mumbai. This move establishes robust connections with key Internet Exchanges such as DE-CIX Mumbai and Extreme IX. Plus, we've got strong connections with local telecoms like Bharti and VSNL. Another boost comes from our second upstream, Constant, giving us access to the Tier 1 providers in India.

In Delhi NCR:

Exciting news continues as we unveil our brand-new PoP situated in the NTT Noida DC in Delhi NCR. With Web Werks and Constant as our upstreams, this PoP is connected to leading Internet Exchanges, including DE-CIX Delhi and Extreme IX Delhi, and local telecom leaders Bharti and VSNL. This expansion optimizes network performance, ensuring fast query responses for this significant part of the country.

At ClouDNS, enhancing your online experience is at the core of our mission. These strategic moves are just a snapshot of our ongoing efforts to boost the efficiency and speed of our Anycast DNS network.

We thank our clients and partners for their continued trust and support. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on the horizon!

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the ClouDNS team to improve and expand our services, we are thrilled to announce two significant developments in our global Anycast DNS network, with a special focus on Canada. Our Point of Presence (PoP) in Montreal has undergone a transformation with a relocation to the fascinating Cologix data center. Additionally, we have established an entirely new Point of Presence (PoP) in Toronto.

In Montreal, we have relocated our Point of Presence (PoP) to the Cologix data center. This strategic move ensures a robust network infrastructure, with GTHost as our upstream, offering direct connections to QIX Montreal and Tier 1 providers, including Cogent and GTT. This optimization significantly strengthens our presence in Canada and the northeastern region of the United States, enhancing overall network performance.

In Toronto, we are proud to introduce our brand-new PoP, hosted at the EXA data center. With GTHost as our upstream, this PoP establishes direct connections to TORIX and Tier 1 providers Cogent and GTT. This expansion further strengthens our network's presence and performance across the country.

With these developments, we mark another milestone in our continuous efforts to provide top-notch DNS solutions globally.

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Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to grow and enhance our services!

The ClouDNS team is thrilled to share that we've established our brand-new Point of Presence (PoP) in the heart of Denver, Colorado. With this strategic move, we aim to enhance our Anycast DNS network infrastructure and deliver remarkable speed and connectivity to our valued clients.

Our network finds a home within the Flexential data center. Powered by our respected upstream partner, GTHost, this development grants us direct access to Tier 1 providers GTT and Cogent. Thanks to the strategic integration of these providers, our clients in the region can now enjoy unprecedented speed, reliability, and overall performance.

The Denver PoP represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering better connectivity throughout the state. As we grow and improve, our strategic placements prove our constant drive for innovation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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We have exciting news to start the year – ClouDNS is now even more accessible with new Points of Presence (PoPs) in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand. With this expansion of our Anycast DNS network, we can ensure lightning-fast speed and top-notch performance across the Oceania region.

In Australia, our PoPs (Points of Presence) are fortified by Equinix Data Centers, which are well-known for top speed and redundant connections. The Melbourne PoP is the latest addition, well equipped to handle any data requirement. We previously had a presence in Sydney. However, we have relocated it to an Equinix Data Center for enhanced functionality. Both locations are powered by Host Universal, giving us access to all internet providers and exchanges. That way, we can process local traffic within each city. Customers in Australia can now enjoy enhanced speed and performance.

In New Zealand, ClouDNS establishes a robust presence at the Equinix Data Center located in Auckland. With high-speed, redundant connections and Host Universal as our upstream provider, we efficiently process all domestic traffic locally, providing unparalleled speed and performance for our valued clients in New Zealand.

Expanding towards the Oceania region is a major milestone for ClouDNS. With these new PoPs, we can guarantee a reliable and high-performance DNS experience for our valued users across the entire Oceania region.

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Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and enhance our global network and services!

ClouDNS proudly announces the establishment of our 50th Point of Presence (PoP) in our Anycast DNS network. It is located in Lisbon, Portugal. Positioned within the valued ONI data center, our servers are now seamlessly integrated into the heart of the vibrant Portuguese internet landscape.

Our network upstream here is the Webtuga (Dream Fusion), connecting ClouDNS to the largest internet exchanges - GigaPix and DE-CIX Lisbon. Additionally, our PoP enjoys robust partnerships with the country's leading Tier 1 providers and telecom giants, ensuring a dynamic and resilient network infrastructure.

What does this mean for our valued customers? Faster, more efficient, and highly responsive services! With the ability to process a significant portion of domestic traffic locally, ClouDNS guarantees unparalleled speed and performance for our clients.

Experience the future of DNS management with ClouDNS as we continue to expand our global Anycast network, providing innovative solutions and superior connectivity for businesses worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

We are thrilled to announce an expansion of our Anycast DNS network with new PoPs in Poland and Switzerland. These strategic locations are designed to enhance our network capabilities and provide our customers with improved performance and connectivity.

In Poland, DC Mevspace 1 in Wyszkow is now our primary PoP, ensuring direct connectivity to major Tier 1 providers and internet exchanges TPIX and Thinx. Additionally, Korbank DC in Wroclaw serves as our second PoP, enhancing local coverage and speed with connections to key Tier 1 providers and exchanges TPIX, EPIX, and WRIX.

In Switzerland, our servers find a new home in the Interxion ZUR1 data center in Zurich. With network upstream Zare, we gain access to major telecom providers and SwissIX. This new PoP enables us to deliver maximum speed and performance for our customers throughout the country.

*Please note: The PoPs in Gdansk, Poland, and Lausanne, Switzerland, will no longer be active as we focus on optimizing our network for an even better performance.

Experience the next level of connectivity and performance with our expanded Anycast DNS network!

Thank you for choosing ClouDNS! Stay tuned for more interesting news from us!

Exciting news for ClouDNS Premium account users!

We're thrilled to introduce the Dynamic DNS History feature, designed to empower your network management. Now, you can easily track IP address change, making it a breeze to identify and resolve network and configuration issues promptly.

What's even better? This feature seamlessly integrates with our API, enabling you to automate tasks and conduct in-depth analysis of your DNS configurations.

Upgrade your account to Premium (if you are not already) to unlock the power of Dynamic DNS new feature and stay ahead in network management!

Exciting news! We're expanding our network with a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Salt Lake City, Utah. This strategic location boosts our network performance and speed in the central United States.

Our new PoP facilitates direct access to major Tier 1 providers, Telia and Cogent. This collaboration enhances communications within North America, specifically the central area of the United States.

The strategic placement makes this location an essential point that assists in boosting our network functionality. The partnership with Objx allows us to provide faster, more efficient services to our customers all over North America.

This expansion hints at our dedication to offer seamless network performance consistently. Check out our Anycast DNS Network to learn more!

Thank you for your continuous trust and support!

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