New PoP in Portugal, Lisbon


ClouDNS proudly announces the establishment of our 50th Point of Presence (PoP) in our Anycast DNS network. It is located in Lisbon, Portugal. Positioned within the valued ONI data center, our servers are now seamlessly integrated into the heart of the vibrant Portuguese internet landscape.

Our network upstream here is the Webtuga (Dream Fusion), connecting ClouDNS to the largest internet exchanges - GigaPix and DE-CIX Lisbon. Additionally, our PoP enjoys robust partnerships with the country's leading Tier 1 providers and telecom giants, ensuring a dynamic and resilient network infrastructure.

What does this mean for our valued customers? Faster, more efficient, and highly responsive services! With the ability to process a significant portion of domestic traffic locally, ClouDNS guarantees unparalleled speed and performance for our clients.

Experience the future of DNS management with ClouDNS as we continue to expand our global Anycast network, providing innovative solutions and superior connectivity for businesses worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

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