New PoPs in Mumbai and Delhi NCR, India!


Greetings from ClouDNS! We have some great news to share about expanding our presence in Mumbai and Delhi NCR, India. These updates are all about making your online experience even better.

In Mumbai:

We've relocated our first Point of Presence (PoP) to the Web Werks data center in Mumbai. This move establishes robust connections with key Internet Exchanges such as DE-CIX Mumbai and Extreme IX. Plus, we've got strong connections with local telecoms like Bharti and VSNL. Another boost comes from our second upstream, Constant, giving us access to the Tier 1 providers in India.

In Delhi NCR:

Exciting news continues as we unveil our brand-new PoP situated in the NTT Noida DC in Delhi NCR. With Web Werks and Constant as our upstreams, this PoP is connected to leading Internet Exchanges, including DE-CIX Delhi and Extreme IX Delhi, and local telecom leaders Bharti and VSNL. This expansion optimizes network performance, ensuring fast query responses for this significant part of the country.

At ClouDNS, enhancing your online experience is at the core of our mission. These strategic moves are just a snapshot of our ongoing efforts to boost the efficiency and speed of our Anycast DNS network.

We thank our clients and partners for their continued trust and support. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on the horizon!

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