New PoP in the USA, Silicon Valley!


We're thrilled to share exciting news from ClouDNS! We're proud to announce the establishment of our newest Point of Presence (PoP) right in the heart of the USA's tech hub, Silicon Valley, California.

Our servers are now strategically housed at the Equinix SV1 Data Center, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Partnering with Path Network, our network upstream connects us to the Equinix San Jose internet exchange and Tier 1 providers such as NTT, GTT, and PCCW.

The expansion enhances our network capabilities, significantly improving performance across California and the vibrant San Francisco area by also strengthening our DDoS Protection. With our Silicon Valley PoP in place, we're more equipped than ever to deliver high-quality DNS services and excellent client experience.

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Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we expand and improve our global network presence and services!

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