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Vladimir Nachev – our TOP Technical Support for 2020!

Meet Vladimir, our top technical support for 2020! He joined the ClouDNS crew at the beginning of March 2018. He started full of passion and desire to help our customers. Vladimir really enjoys assisting our clients. “The hardest part for me is when the problem is beyond my control” – he says. Situations like this make him feel powerless. But this doesn’t stop him from trying to find an alternative solution. In our talk, Vladimir shares his thoughts on what it is like to be a part of the ClouDNS family and what he wishes people to know about his work.


Vladimir, what do you want the people to know about you?

Everyone who knows me will say that I am a stubborn optimist, even a dreamer. Failure is not an option for me. I want the people to know me as a person who never gives up, no matter what. Even if I fail, this doesn’t mean I will stop. As people say: every obstacle is a new opportunity to succeed.

Describe your job with 3 words?

Challenging, because every user’s case is a challenge and the operator has to take each situation extremely seriously. Satisfaction, because I really enjoy helping our clients with solving their issues in order to get the best possible solution. Last but not least, I shall say Friendly. I met great people here at ClouDNS. I can say proudly that I work with the best team ever.

What are the most difficult client’s questions you answered? Why?

The most difficult questions are those that don’t have a prepared answer. I am talking about inquiries that require additional research to be performed. A similar example just came to my mind. We had a client whose domain was registered with a no so popular domain registrar. Domain’s DNS was hosted with us, and the client wanted to enable DNSSEC for his domain. The DNSSEC records were successfully generated at his DNS zone, the last thing that needed to be done was to add proper DNSSEC records at his domain registrar. And here is where the problem came. The client was now able to find how to add those records through his domain registrar. I will not get into detail, but it takes us about an hour to get familiar with his domain registrar’s interface. It had really strange navigation and an odd way of work. That didn’t discourage us. Finally, we have figured out how to solve the puzzle. We have contacted our client again and guided him through the whole process. He was happily surprised by us for taking his case with such priority.

What tools do you use for productivity?

I do use a lot of tools in my daily tasks. Even so, the tool may not always show you the whole picture. Therefore, using a lot of tools can get really tricky sometimes. Often, as a support operator, you have to roll up your sleeves and start digging the source of the problem by yourself. But if there is a chart for the most useful debugging tools for DNS management, I will certainly award the “Dig” command-line tool with the gold. It’s my personal number 1 choice.

What advice would you give to users who do not have much experience with the DNS management?

DNS management can look scary for all inexperienced users. They probably ask themself: “Do I really need this kind of record?”, “Can I do such a redirect”, and so on. My advice to all fresh users is to take a look at our Wiki documentation. ClouDNS has a really vast wiki section that covers various topics related to DNS management and not only.

Would you like to wish something to our customers?

I would like to wish strong health to all of our customers. Covid-19 made a dramatic change in our way of life. We don’t have to lose hope. Sooner or later, this shall pass, and we will all be able to hug our family and friends again. Everything will be alright, you will see. Stay safe!!!

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