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Internet and DNS in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more)

Let’s take a digital journey through Asia and examine the Internet and Domain Name System (DNS) connectivity. In today’s article, we’ll uncover the technical wonders and vibrant stories that make Asia a hub of innovation and progress in the global digital landscape. Join us in discovering how technology, culture, and connectivity combine to shape the dynamic future of this diverse continent.

Current Internet state in Asia

Let’s first talk about the internet in the Asia Pacific region. According to Statista, this region is the most important internet area in the world. There are more than a billion users, with the 3 most connected countries – China (939.8m), India (624m) and Indonesia (202,6m).

Despite the enormous numbers, there is still plenty of room for growth. The Internet penetration there is 67,4%, so there are still more people there that don’t use the Internet. There are many users, and more are yet to connect. This makes it an exciting market. With a lot of traffic, the need for DNS services in Asia will just grow as well. So to provide an excellent service in Hong Kong or Japan you will need DNS.

South Asia internet users are increasing

South Asia is less developed but fast growing. Since 2015 there are 70m new users, and now the total number exceeds 400m. It is more than the population in the whole United States. But still the speed is not good enough, and the infrastructure needs improvement. This area will need the extra help of a DNS in Asia. DNS in Malaysia or DNS in Singapore is a must for perfect service.

How DNS can help?

DNS in Asia can help you with your business in the region, thanks to the different DNS servers that are close to the users, you can provide a faster domain resolution. It can happen in just milliseconds, and your customers will get speedier page opening.

This can lead to more conversion for you and better SEO results. We all know how important it is to get well-ranked in Google and other search engines.

Another nice benefit is the uptime. You can guarantee 100% uptime for your visitors. Like this, you won’t miss a sale.

DDoS protection is also a plus. We provide DDoS protected servers that will help you stop such threats. Also, our DNS network is very resistant to even strong DDoS attacks.

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Our PoPs (Points of Presence) in Asia

ClouDNS has established PoPs (Points of Presence) in the following locations in Asia:

  • Asia Pacific, Hong Kong – Equinix

Equinix Hong Kong Data Center is known as one of the best-connected data centers in the world. It is a center for more than 360 companies, and more than 85 network services providers.

  • Asia / India / Mumbai

Our PoP in India is based in the data center of Web Werks located in Mumbai. The data center is connected to the main Internet Exchanges in India – DE-CIX, and NIXI, improving our presence in India.

  • Asia / Israel / Tel Aviv

The home of our network in Israel is the Bezeq data center in Tel Aviv, with Cloud Lease as our upstream provider. This gives us access to the country’s core ISPs and enables us to cover almost all domestic traffic locally.

  • Asia Pacific / Japan / Tokyo – Path Network

We’re in an Equinix data center in Tokyo, Japan, with network connectivity provided by Path Network. We’re connected to major exchanges like JPIX and BBIX, as well as NTT and other telecom providers, ensuring great speed and performance.

  • Asia / Saudi Arabia / Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is our first step towards expansion in the Middle East. We have deployed our equipment at the largest internet exchange data center – SAIX. We offer public peering to all exchange members, enabling local connectivity. We aim to expand our coverage in the coming years as more providers join the exchange.

  • Asia Pacific, Singapore – Equinix

Equinix Singapore data centers are home to numerous international and regional networks that connect South Asia. Additionally, our Singapore facility is the primary access point to one of the world’s three GRX peering points. It is a well-connected data center, with more than 195 service providers to it.

  • Asia Pacific / Taiwan / Taipei – HostingInside

CHIEF TELECOM’s data center L.Y. Building is the heart of our network in Taipei, Taiwan. Our network provider, HostingInside, has established strong connections with all major internet and telecom providers in the country, allowing us to cover domestic traffic efficiently.

  • Asia Pacific, Australia, Sydney – SIS Group Data Center

Even though Australia is geographically part of Oceania rather than Asia, it’s still worth highlighting the impact of our point of presence there.

SIS Group Sydney Data Center is a world-class facility running on high-speed, redundant Internet connections and is well-equipped to handle any data requirement. Very well located, just a few kilometers from Sydney. It really helps you with your ambitions in the Australian region.

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DNS services can help every internet related business. The Asia region is definitely important and to provide the service that your customers there deserve; you will need to add a DNS solution. It can manage the growth of the market and balance the traffic better. Do you want to try? Check our Premium DNS services!

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