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Monitoring your DNS, should you do it?

DNS, Protection

DNS Monitoring can serve you and help you detect unwanted issues. As you probably know, the Internet would not function in such an easy and...

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Linux Host command, troubleshot your DNS


Today we will add one more handy DNS tool – Host command on Linux. For the purpose, we will use the latest Linux Mint 19.1 (based on...

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What is a Primary DNS server and how does it work?

DNS, Servers

We have already talked about what is DNS and what is a Secondary DNS, this time we will focus on the Primary DNS server. There is a DNS...

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What is IPAM? Can you work without it?


IPAM – IP Address Management is a method of planning, tracking, and administrating the information related to IP address space. In the...

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DNS Delegation


To get to the meaning of DNS Delegation, first, let’s see two things. One is the Domain Name System itself, and the second is the...

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5 DNS Attacks that could affect you

DDoS, DNS, Protection

The DNS, as you may know, is a really crucial component that, sadly, we often overlook. Don’t be one of those people, and please pay...

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