What is DHCP? How does the DHCP server work?


The DHCP server has changed the lives of all administrator forever. It has given them the commodity of automatic IP assignment. After the...

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SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) explained


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) allows us to send different emails to one another all the time. It’s one of the most popular...

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What is Ping command and how to use it?


What is Ping command? Ping is a very universal command between all the operating systems. You can use it to test if you can reach your...

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What is a DNS outage (DNS downtime), and how to avoid it?

DDoS, DNS, DNS Records, Domain names, Load balancing

Knowing what DNS is can already show you the answer to what DNS outage is. The clients won’t resolve your domain name, so they will get...

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What is DNS? How does Domain Name System work?

DNS • 3 Comments

Without DNS, there is no Internet. It is the key ingredient that makes domain resolving possible. We use DNS to access sites, send and...

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DNS cache explained 

DNS, Servers

The DNS is a great technology that allows us to use the internet the way we know currently. It resolves domain names to their IP addresses,...

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What is Load Balancing?

DNS, Load balancing • One Comment

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