10 most used Nslookup commands (Updated 2024)

DNS • 9 Comments

What is Nslookup? First, let’s talk about what Nslookup is – it is a small but very powerful network administration command-line...

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Whitelisting vs Blacklisting, preventing or reacting


There are different security methods out there, but when it comes to data filtering, there are two widely-used ones. You can use either...

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DNS best practices

DNS • One Comment

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FTP vs HTTP: Understanding the Key Differences

Internet, Protocols • One Comment

Today we will see what exactly is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and how does it compare to the newer protocol called HTTP (Hypertext...

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What is Anycast DNS and how does it work?


Are you tired of slow website load times and unreliable DNS resolution? Then, Anycast DNS may be the solution you’ve been looking...

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Single Point of Failure (SPOF): How to Identify and Eliminate It?

Internet, Protection

The risk of a Single Point of Failure (SPOF) has become a critical concern in interconnected modern businesses and technologies. The...

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DNS vs DHCP. Are they connected?

DNS, Servers

In networking, two fundamental protocols are vital in connecting devices and enabling seamless communication: DNS (Domain Name System) and...

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What is Traffic Director?

Load balancing • One Comment

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