How to set up a new DNS zone for your WordPress site

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We will show you two different ways to set up a new DNS zone for WordPress, depending on if your site was created and hosted through...

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What is FQDN? What does FQDN do?

Domain names

What is FQDN? What does it do? FQDN means Fully Qualified Domain Name. It is the fullest possible domain name of a host or a computer, on...

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What is IPAM? Can you work without it?


IPAM – IP Address Management. It is a method of planning, tracking, and administrating the information related to IP address space.

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What is PowerDNS? Open-source BIND alternative


PowerDNS, It is a complete software platform that you can use instead of BIND. It provides excellent performance and doesn’t use a lot of...

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DNS Troubleshooting – tools and commands


DNS Troubleshooting can be very easy. Check all types of DNS records with these DNS troubleshooting tools. There are options for Windows,...

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DNS • 2 Comments

What to do when you see this error on your screen DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN? Learn what it is and how to fix it. You can do it in just a...

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Linux dig command, how to install it and use it


This article will show you how to use the dig command on Linux. You can apply the knowledge to Windows or MacOS. ...

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