What is Load Balancing?

DNS, Load balancing • One Comment

Only an incredible technique like Load balancing can help you improve your performance, optimize your website, provide redundancy, and...

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Error 404 Explained: The Page Not Found Mystery


Every internet user has encountered the terrifying “Error 404: Page Not Found ” at some point. It’s a familiar yet...

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What is Enterprise DNS?


The Enterprise DNS is a high-level class of DNS service. Its purpose is to serve large companies. It can handle a considerable amount of...

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DNS Troubleshooting – tools and commands


In the vast universe of network management and IT troubleshooting, issues related to the Domain Name System (DNS) often crop up. DNS is a...

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What is IMAP?


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Understanding SYN flood attack

DDoS, Protection

Imagine a tech gremlin relentlessly hammering at the door of a server, bombarding it with so many requests that it can’t keep up and...

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What is DHCP? How does the DHCP server work?

Servers • One Comment

The DHCP server has changed the lives of all administrator forever. It has given them the commodity of automatic IP assignment. After the...

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