[RESOLVED] Servers Upgrade

Dear Customers,

For the last 5 days DNS servers pns1.cloudns.net, pns2.cloudns.net, pns3.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are under large DDoS attacks (over 25Gbps and 2,000,000 packages per second). From the beginning of the attack pns1.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are null routed, because of a limited capacity of the data centers in the United Kingdom and Romania.

Mitigation strategy

pns1.cloudns.net is restored to normal activity.
pns2.cloudns.net is with changed IP - (old IP is The service is provided by DDoS Guard and is with 140Gbps capacity. It should be able to handle this big attack against our service.
pns3.cloudns.net is with unchanged IP address. It is backed by Staminus (one of the largest DDoS protection providers). The limit of the protection is 5Gbps. We will upgrade it soon.
pns4.cloudns.net is forwarded to the new pns2.cloudns.net server.
pns6.cloudns.net is with changed IP - (old IP is The new server is located again in Texas, USA.

What you need to do?

If you use Slave DNS zones, you need to allow the new IP addresses of pns2.cloudns.net and pns6.cloudns.net for zone transfers. Currently all Slave DNS zones are migrated with their last state.
If you use DNS branding, you need to upgrade your A and Glue records to the new pns2.cloudns.net and pns6.cloudns.net IP addresses.

The old IP addresses of pns2.cloudns.net and pns6.cloudns.net will be supported until Jun 1, 2014.

1,000% SLA

According to our 1,000% SLA all our customers with these servers are extended with 50 days for free.

Sorry for the caused inconvenience. Please contact us, if you have any problems.

ClouDNS Team

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