[RESOLVED] pns1.cloudns.net, pns2.cloudns.net, pns3.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are under a large DDoS Attack

Dear Customers,

pns1.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are temporary down, because of a large DDoS attack (over 30Gbps).

[UPDATE 16:34 CET] pns1.cloudns.net is currently okay. Attack is moved to pns2.cloudns.net and pns3.cloudns.net. To prevent damades our Romanian data center null-routed pns4.cloudns.net

[UPDATE 19:21 CET] Everything is okay from 2 hours on pns2.cloudns.net and pns3.cloudns.net. We work to get pns1.cloudns.net back up.

[UPDATE 21:20 CET] ns2.cloudns.net is included to the list with attacked servers.

[UPDATE Apr 19, 16:00 CET] pns1.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are still null-routed. We will try to get pns1.cloudns.net back up after few hours.

[UPDATE Apr 19, 20:00 CET] The Attack continues with full power. pns1.cloudns.net, pns2.cloudns.net, pns3.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are attacked with over 20Gbps

[UPDATE Apr 20, 20:00 CET] Everything with the attack is okay now. pns4.cloudns.net is still nullrouted to be save data center in Romania. pns3.cloudns.net is in the Staminus data center in their Irvine DC and currently is down, because an outage of the data center. The problem is related with the fiber connection and it is not related with our attack.

[UPDATE Apr 21, 05:00 CET] The problem of Staminus Irvine DC is fixed. pns3.cloudns.net is back up and everything looks okay. If everything is okay today, we will remove the nullroute of pns4.cloudns.net and add it back to the cloud.

[UPDATE Apr 21, 9:45 CET] The attack started again. pns1.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are nullrouted.

[UPDATE Apr 22, 7:30 CET] pns1.cloudns.net and pns4.cloudns.net are forwarded to pns3.cloudns.net and pns2.cloudns.net is forwarded to ns1.cloudns.net. We work to mitigate the attack with third party services like BlackLotus and Staminus. More information will be added soon.

[UPDATE Apr 22, 10:45 CET] The IP address of pns2.cloudns.net is changed to The owners of slave (Secondary) DNS zones need to add this IP to their list with allowed master servers for transfers. The customers with DNS branding should update it too. Customers with Master DNS zones don't need to change their settings. The service behind this IP is provided by DDoS Guard.

ClouDNS Team
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