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HTTP flood attack – What is it and How to prevent it?


In a world where an online presence is crucial, an HTTP flood attack poses a significant threat, overwhelming websites with an onslaught of...

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Understanding SYN flood attack

DDoS, Protection

Imagine a tech gremlin relentlessly hammering at the door of a server, bombarding it with so many requests that it can’t keep up and...

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Most significant DDoS attacks in the recent years (UPDATED 2023)

DNS • One Comment

DDoS attacks are getting stronger, and they happen more often every year. With the advancement of technology, there are many more connected...

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Flood Attack: Prevention and Protection


In today’s digital age, security breaches and cyberattacks have become increasingly common. One such form of attack is the...

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What is a Smurf DDoS attack?


Yes, the Smurf attack sounds cute and harmless, but we can assure you it is not. Instead, it is yet another DDoS attack that is made to...

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What is Backup DNS?


Backup DNS is an important part of any website or application infrastructure. It is a system of redundant DNS services that provide...

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