Managed DNS from ClouDNS

Managed DNS
What is managed DNS?
Managed DNS is a service fully managed by a professional DNS hosting company. ClouDNS is a DNS hosting provider since 2010. Our main business is to provide complete DNS solution to our customers. Our Anycast DNS infrastructure includes 11 different data centers located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, in 10 different countries.
Cloud based DNS infrastructure
Cloud based infrastructure
ClouDNS is designed to operate as cloud-based infrastructure service. Our self-developed a system for synchronization and data distribution allows our customers to monitor in real time the DNS zones status at each location. With our cloud DNS service, our customers can any time to add the extra DNS resources they need at the moment. Our cloud infrastructure expands faster and launching of new points of presence (POPs - data centers) do not require any action to be applied to our customers.
DNS features
Professional Features and Tools
As a Managed DNS hosting provider, ClouDNS provides large number of professional DNS features and tools for Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS. We support all types of DNS records and settings you need. Additionally we provide E-mail Forwarding, Web Forwarding, Dynamic DNS, Domain parking, HTTP REST API DNS statistics, zone sharing and many others! Check here more detailed list with features.
DDoS Protected DNS
DDoS Protected DNS
There is a large number of CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Web DDoS Mitigation providers on the market. It is easy to find a way to protect your application from DDoS Attacks, but it is not so easy to protect your domain name to being Single Point Of Failure (SPOF). Our team has board experience in the new DDoS Mitigation technologies combined with long years partnership with the leading DDoS Mitigation companies on the market. As an additional service we offer DDoS Protected DNS. For our customers who need a all in one solution, we can offer DDoS Protected DNS with additional DDoS Protection for their web site, game server or other application. Contact us, if you are looking for a custom solution.


4 DNS сървъри

3 DNS зони

3 Е-мейл пренасочвания

Неограничен брой записи

Dynamic DNS

Уеб пренасочвания

Регистрирай се

Премиум DNS

Всички безплатни и разширени функции

+4 Премиум сървъри

Повече DNS зони и Е-мейл пренасочвания

1,000% Uptime SLA

Започва от $2.00/месец

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DDoS Protected DNS

Всички безплатни и разширени функции

+4 Anycast DNS Servers

Повече DNS зони и Е-мейл пренасочвания

10,000% Uptime SLA

Започва от $4.95/месец

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Cost Effective. No overbilling.

Multiple Geolocation target options

EDNS-client-subnet support

DDoS Protected DNS

Започва от $9.95/месец

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