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What is an IPv6 address? [Fully explained]

DNS, Internet

IPv6 represents the newer generation of technology and development. The older version of IP – IPv4 is still very popular, but its...

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Cloud computing trends that will improve our businesses

Cloud Computing • 4 Comments

Cloud computing, 10 years ago it sounded like a futuristic dream, now it is present daily in our lives. In different ways, we all use the...

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Understanding the HTTP status codes


Any now and then, when we are browsing the internet, we get one of those – error 500 or error 404. What does this number mean? How many...

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FTP vs HTTP: Understanding the Key Differences

Internet, Protocols • One Comment

Today we will see what exactly is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and how does it compare to the newer protocol called HTTP (Hypertext...

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DNS history. When and why was DNS created?


We have talked a lot about DNS. How does it work, and all the related topic around it. But we have never spent some time about the DNS...

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