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We adding Bulgarian and Russian to our web-interface.

We are looking for translators for other languages:
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- German
- Portuguese
- Turkish
- Dutch
- Japanese
- Romanian
- Korean
- Serbian
- Polish
- Czech

Each translator will receive a one year premium account. If you are interested, please contact us at

We adding settings to configure primary NS records in domain zone and SOA record.

Any user can change our NS servers in records list. If you want to use only two servers of exist four, you can delete others from the list.

For premium users are available two new features in "SOA settings" - "Primary NS" and "Default TTL".

If you have some problems with new features please contact us by e-mail

And... We adding FAQ section ;-)

SOA settings

We adding new feature to our system - SOA settings.
Premium users can manage information of SOA record - DNS admin e-mail, refresh, retry and expire time.
In last 3 days we have a problems with DNS statistics . Statistics of all domains are with less requests than they are real. Now all is ready.

All the time our DNS servers worked correctly.

ClouDNS Team
Dear users,

Today we adding IPv6 support of our system. Any user (free/premium) can add AAAA records.

ClouDNS Team
SSL encryption is enabled to a web interface. We want to keep e-mail and passwords of 100%.

Import of zone file

We added more one feature - import of zone file. All users (free/premium) can easy migrate to ClouDNS interface.

DNS statistics

We added new feature - DNS statistics. Any customer can see how much request make hes domain by year, month and day.

Premium accounts can see hourly statistics of dns requests (this information give good statistics for a rush-hours).
In domain options is available new option - copying of selected records in another your domain.

More info in our blog


Export of zone file

We added new feature - export of zone file. Export button is available in domain options.
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