What is Secondary DNS?

The Secondary DNS provides a way to distribute the DNS traffic for a domain name to two or more DNS providers for the best possible uptime and redundancy in very easy and friendly way. You can manage the DNS records of the domain name only at single (Primary DNS) provider and the second provider using the Secondary DNS technology can be kept up to date and synchronized automatically.

Benefits from using Secondary DNS service

Some of the main benefits of setting a Secondary DNS include:

  • 100% Uptime: If the Primary DNS provider becomes unavailable, the DNS traffic will automatically be served by the secondary provider without any visible effects to the visitors of the web site.
  • Backup DNS: The Secondary DNS can be used as backup plan, if something happens with the primary provider. You will have a fresh copy of all your DNS records.
  • Provider independency: Last few years the DDoS attacks are growing in both frequency and severity. Adding additional DNS provider with Secondary DNS gives you better security and provider independency.
  • Additional security: If you manage own DNS servers, you can secure them with Secondary DNS configuration with hidden Master. ClouDNS will handle all the public traffic for you.
  • Easy migration from self hosted DNS to Managed Anycast DNS: If you manage your own DNS servers, adding Secondary DNS is a fairly easy process. You can migrate to DDoS Protected and Anycast DNS transparently without any other changes of your management system, access and control panels.

Additional benefits of using ClouDNS’s Secondary DNS:

  • Infrastruktur berbasis cloud: ClouDNS is designed to operate as cloud-based infrastructure service. Our self-developed system for synchronization and data distribution allows you to monitor in real time the DNS zones status at each location. With our service, you can add extra DNS resources instantly at any time.
  • Proteksi DDoS: In light of the recent rise of DDoS attacks, it has become increasingly important for companies to have active protection. Our self-developed protection for DNS-based attacks is designed to mitigate any type of DDoS attacks over multiple DDoS Protection facilities. Our experts have broad experience in the new DDoS Mitigation technologies combined with long years partnership with the leading DDoS Mitigation companies.
  • Anycast DNS: Fastest possible DNS responses to the end users and resolvers. Real hardware, route monitoring and full dual stack network (IPv4 and IPv6) available at each POP.
  • Jaminan Uptime: ClouDNS is the first DNS provider to guarantee 10,000% uptime Service Legal Agreement (SLA). For every minute of downtime we will extend your account with hundred.
  • Jaminan harga terendah: We guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. If you find a lower price for Secondary DNS service, we will instantly amend your agreement with the exact same price.
  • 24/7 Dukungan: Apa pun harinya, kapan pun waktunya, kami menyediakan pemantauan dan dukungan jaringan tanpa henti dan tanpa interupsi.

Consider these top advantages and start using Secondary DNS. Also remember that there are plenty of tutorials on our website on how to set up this process.

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Zona DNS: 250 50 75 25
Record DNS: Tak terbatas Tak terbatas 3,500 1,000
Kueri DNS per bulan: Tak terbatas Tak terbatas Tak terbatas Tak terbatas
Zona DNS Sekunder: yes yes yes yes
DNSSEC untuk DNS Sekunder: yes yes yes yes
Proteksi DDoS: yes yes no no
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