DNS Failover & Monitoring

What is DNS Failover?

The DNS Failover service from ClouDNS keeps your sites and web services online in the event of a system or network outages. This is done by moving DNS traffic to another working IP address.

With DNS Failover you can also migrate traffic between redundant network connections.

How does DNS Failover work?

DNS Failover service is configured on A and AAAA records which point to IP addresses. ClouDNS monitoring nodes check your primary IP address every minute. You can set up the monitoring servers to check if your IP is responding correctly to PING, HTTP(S), DNS, TCP, or UDP requests.

As soon as your primary IP fails to respond, your DNS is instantly updated on all ClouDNS nameservers globally to point to a working backup IP address or just to disable the failed IP address during the downtime.

You will receive an e-mail notification for every change of the DNS records.



Our DNS failover system monitors your servers every single minute and will keep you updated on the status of your services.


In the event of an outage, DNS Failover automatically updates your DNS and redirects your visitors to the working backup server.

Boosts Your Performance

No downtime = better performance (purchases, revenue, ROI, etc.)


Easy Setup

Get your DNS Failover up and running quickly in just a few minutes. Just click on the DNS Failover icon for the A or AAAA record you want to monitor and fill the details about the service you want to track. Once your settings are saved, the first monitoring check will be executed within 60 seconds!

Cloud-based monitoring infrastructure

Our DNS Failover service is designed to run in the cloud, so you never need to worry about outages. We are making independent network and service checks from multiple locations around the world. Each tree checks are unique for maximum accuracy.

24/7 Support

No matter what day, no matter when, we provide continuous, uninterrupted network monitoring and support.

Apply for DNS Failover Beta Access

Beta test description and disclaimer:
  • Beta test starts Tuesday /6 Mar 2018/ - ends Sunday /25 Mar 2018/ at 23:59 GMT.
  • Beta participants are obliged to fill a short questionnaire (8 simple questions included) after completing the beta.
  • Once the beta test is over and the questionnaire is completed, the beta testers can continue to use the DNS Failover service for FREE for one year.
  • Maximum beta participants: 20
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