What is DNS Failover?

Unsere DNS Ausfallsicherung hält Ihre Webseite immer online, auch wenn das System und/oder das Netzwerk ein Problem hat. Dies wird durch die DNS Ausfallsicherung gewährleistet, die dann eine IP Adresse auswählt die erreichbar ist.

With DNS Failover you can also migrate traffic between redundant network connections.

How does DNS Failover work?

DNS Failover service is configured on A and AAAA records which point to IP addresses. ClouDNS monitoring nodes check your primary IP address every minute. You can set up the monitoring servers to check if your IP is responding correctly to PING, HTTP(S), DNS, TCP, or UDP requests.

As soon as your primary IP fails to respond, your DNS is instantly updated on all ClouDNS nameservers globally to point to a working backup IP address or just to disable the failed IP address during the downtime.

You will receive an e-mail notification for every change of the DNS records.

Read full DNS Failover & Monitoring Documentation

Benefits & Features


Our DNS failover system monitors your servers every single minute and will keep you updated on the status of your services.


ClouDNS is designed to operate as cloud-based infrastructure service. Our self-developed system for synchronization and data distribution allows our customers to monitor in real time the DNS zones status at each location. Our infrastructure synchronizes your settings simultaneously across all POPs (points of presence), so no additional action is required from your side, once you set up your zones.

Boosts Your Performance

No downtime = better performance (purchases, revenue, ROI, etc.)

Easy Setup

Get your DNS Failover up and running quickly in just a few minutes. Just click on the DNS Failover icon for the A or AAAA record you want to monitor and fill the details about the service you want to track. Once your settings are saved, the first monitoring check will be executed within 60 seconds!

Cloud-based monitoring infrastructure

Our DNS Failover service is designed to run in the cloud, so you never need to worry about outages. We are making independent network and service checks from multiple locations around the world. Each tree checks are unique for maximum accuracy.

24/7 Support

Egal zu welcher Tages und Nachtzeit, wir bieten Ihnen Netzwerküberwachung und Support 24/7


The DNS Failover service is part from our standard hosting plans - Premium DNS, DDoS Protected DNS and GeoDNS. Extra checks can be added as addon to each hosting plan.

Premium S
Premium M
Premium L
Managed Anycast DNS: ?
DNS Zonen: ? 25 75 400
DNS Einträge: ? 1,000 3,500 20,000
DNS Abfragen pro Monat: ? Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt
E-Mail Weiterleitungen: ? 50 150 1,000
DNS Failover und Monitoring: ? 1 2 3
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