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WHMCS module for resellers

WHMCS is the most powerful and used billing system for hosting related businesses. ClouDNS provides and supports WHMCS provisioning module for resellers. The module supports:
  • WHMCS version 5, 6 and 7
  • Creation of both Free and Paid DNS products with any type of billing cycles
  • Custom limit of the number of the DNS zones included in each product
  • White-label interface and server names
  • DNS for the registered domain names, works with any domain registry

Supported DNS hosting plans

WHMCS provisioning module is connected to ClouDNS through the HTTP API. All Premium DNS and DDoS Protected DNS hosting plans can be used for WHMCS integration.


ClouDNS provisioning module is completely free and open source. You can customize it the way you want for your web site. If you need any additional customization related to your ClouDNS service like Dedicated IPs for better white-label service or something else, please contact our sales team at

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