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New Premium Server in Australia

Dear customers,

Today we released our 9th Premium Server. It's located in Sydney, Australia with IP address

What you need to do, if you want to use it?

  • If you have Master or Cloud DNS zones, just add it as an NS record at ClouDNS Panel and as a name server at your Registrar's Panel.
  • If you have Slave DNS zones, just enable for zone transfers at your master server, add it as an NS record and as a name server at your registrar's Panel.
  • If you use DNS branding, you can brand this name server in the same way as the others.
ClouDNS Team

[INACTIVE] August Domain Promotions and New Domains

Dear customers,

We are starting August Domain Promotion for new domain name registrations:

.NET for $11.99 $9.95
.ORG for $12.99 $7.95
.BIZ for $11.99 $5.75
.IN for $11.99 $7.95
.XXX for $99.99 $89.00
.PRO for $16.99 $14.99
.SX for $35.99 $32.99
.CC for $21.99 $19.99
.NL for $12.99 $10.99

August Domain Promotion ends on August 31st.

That is not all! New TLD's are available in our store for registration and transfers:

.EU for $9.99
.DE for $10.99
.CO.UK for $9.99
.ORG.UK for $9.99
.ME.UK for $9.99

Complete domain pricing list:
For every registered, renewed or transferred domain we will give you 1 month Premium account as a Bonus.

ClouDNS Sales Team

Export of DNS statistics

Dear customers,

We have released a new feature - exporting of DNS statistics in PDF, Excel or CSV. Export options are available in DNS statistics page of every DNS zone.

ClouDNS Team

[RESOLVED] Free DNS servers downtime

Dear customers,

Our free servers are under a large DDoS attack. We work all day to mitigate it.

Thank you for the patience.

UPDATE: The attack is against that points to our servers. DNS zone is already suspended. The owner of this domain name doesn't answer of the requests to remove our servers from the domain name.

UPDATE [2013-06-02 9:00 CET]: NS2 and NS4 are back and sync. We work to get all free servers back.

UPDATE [2013-06-02 9:30 CET]: NS1 is back and sync.

UPDATE [2013-06-02 20:00 CET]: NS3 is back and sync.

ClouDNS Team

Native IDN support

Dear customers,

We have released a new version of our web interface with full native support of Internationalized domain names (IDN). Domain names and records can be added with their native name and will be managed by the system with all ASCII requirements.

If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

ClouDNS Team
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