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[COMPLETED] Scheduled maintenance at Sep 1, 2012

Dear customers,

We will make a scheduled maintenance at Sep 1, 2012 from 10:00 to 13:00 CET. In this period our web control panel will be not available and domain changes will be not possible. Our DNS servers will continue work a normal with your settings.

What we will do?

We will start our new web system located at Netherlands and new backup system at Netherlands, USA and Germany.

We will release new PNS5 server at Russia with IP address:
Strongly recommend you to change your DNS brandings and slave zones settings.

ClouDNS Team

Updated NS1 server

Dear customers,

Because of the technical problems we had, we have moved our NS1 to a new place in Netherlands. With IP addresses:
IPv6: 2a00:1768:1001:9::1

If you use slave zones, you should enable these IP addresses for zone transfers (AXFR).

If you use DNS branding, you should rebrand your NS1 server to the new IP addresses.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

ClouDNS Team

[RESOLVED] Database problem

Dear customers,

Due to the incorrect bussines activity from LeaseWeb Case Officer Ms. Lesley Koomen our servers in Netherlands were broken and stopped. On these servers were hosted our web, database and backup infrastructure. We lost some of our information from the last 45 days. All paid (premium) accounts are recovered, but we can't recover domain changes from this period, because our backup infrastructure is broken too.

Our DNS servers work now with your last DNS settings, but we can't recover information in our control panel. Every customer who had made changes in the last 45 days, should made them again. If you can't recover your records, please write us at or send ticked from menu Support and we will help you to recover all records (We have fresh copies of all DNS zones).

After this case we will stop working with LeaseWeb and will look for new partner in Netherlands.

In the next one month we will make our best to prevent such problems happening ever again. We will make a new big investition for full redundancy of our web and database infrastructure in three different locations at USA and Europe. Thank you for the patience.

Boyan Peychev

Bulk adding of Cloud domains

Dear customers,

We adding two options for bulk adding of Cloud domains:

  • Old way with adding of Cloud domains one by one has been changed. Now you can enter all domains in one request.
  • You can upload Cloud domains via text file. Domains should be one per row.
ClouDNS Team

Web redirects for Cloud domains

Dear customers,

We make a few updates on web redirects and now they work for cloud domains. Do not hesitate to contact us at, if you have any problems with web redirects.

ClouDNS Team

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