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Great service, Good response from the server. reasonable prices.
Alexander Chu, Owner @ Stallions Limo Service
I can just recommend the service here.
About the Hosting and Controlling:
- Big amount of possibilities in each part you need (DNS, SSL, ...)
- I don't know if it's correct, but I never saw a downtime)
- Amazing Controlpanel, very simple, but very effective

About the Support:
- Always fast
- Always friendly
- And most important, always helpful (for users and admins)

So all in one: A great applause to the Company AND the Support-Team
Patrick Jud
Amazing, reliable, fast, feature-rich service. I love your API.

I love it so much, I have a project to interact with it from the shell.

Keep up the good work :)

Toki Winter
Very best service, beautiful control panel, 100% uptime and low cost.
Vadim Mikheev
I am so very happy with your company. You are truly the BEST DNS provider on the Internet. Your customer support, pricing, and features are top notch.
Christopher Nofal, Manager @ DreamLab LLC
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