Strengthening Email Hosting: A Security Success Story


In an era where cybersecurity threats are rapidly increasing, ensuring the protection of sensitive data is crucial for businesses across different industries. Email hosting providers, in particular, face the challenge of safeguarding communication channels from malicious attacks. ClouDNS was approached by an email hosting provider seeking robust security measures to strengthen their services against potential threats. This case study dives into how ClouDNS provided a comprehensive solution to elevate the security of the client's email hosting infrastructure.


The client, an email hosting provider, was confronted with the pressing need to establish a secure email service protected from various cyber threats. Despite implementing several security measures, they recognized a critical gap in their defense against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. With the increase of sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted email services has become more and more challenging. The client searched for a solution that could provide reliable DDoS protection without compromising the performance and availability of their email infrastructure. Additionally, the client recognized the importance of implementing TLSA records to enhance the security of their email communications.

Our solution

The ClouDNS team swiftly identified the client's requirements and proposed a solution to answer his needs - implementing the robust DDoS protected DNS service. With a proven track record of delivering resilient DNS hosting solutions, ClouDNS was well-positioned to address the client's security concerns effectively. The foundation of the solution lies in ClouDNS's advanced DDoS protection mechanisms, which provide a robust defense against volumetric DDoS attacks, ensuring uninterrupted availability of the client's email services.

ClouDNS's DDoS protected DNS service offers many advanced features, including Anycast DNS, DNSSEC, and Reverse DNS, which further boost the security of the client's email infrastructure. By using Anycast DNS technology, ClouDNS ensured optimal performance and reliability by routing traffic to the nearest DNS server, thereby mitigating latency and enhancing responsiveness. DNSSEC implementation provides cryptographic authentication of DNS data, mitigating the risk of DNS spoofing and cache poisoning attacks, thereby strengthening the integrity of the client's DNS infrastructure.

Recognizing the importance of Transport Layer Security Authentication (TLSA) records in securing email communications, the client turned to ClouDNS's dedicated 24/7 technical support team for guidance. With expert assistance, they seamlessly created and integrated TLSA records into their DNS configuration, enhancing the integrity and authenticity of their email service.

Furthermore, understanding the importance of Reverse DNS and PTR records in maintaining email server reliability, the client entrusted ClouDNS with the management of their subnets. By consolidating DNS management under ClouDNS's platform, the client streamlined operations and ensured seamless mail server functionality, thereby enhancing the overall quality of their email service.

Client Successful story

Thanks to ClouDNS's comprehensive solution, the client successfully strengthened their email hosting infrastructure against malicious attacks, ensuring the security and integrity of their communication channels. By leveraging ClouDNS's services and DNS infrastructure, the client experienced enhanced resilience and reliability, thereby increasing trust among its clients.

In particular, the implementation of TLSA records enabled secure email communications, mitigating the risk of unauthorized interception and tampering. Through seamless collaboration with ClouDNS's technical support and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and technical expertise, we helped the client navigate complex security challenges with ease.

With the robust DDoS protection mechanisms in place, the client achieved peace of mind knowing that their email services were protected from the ever-evolving malicious threats. The consolidation of DNS management under ClouDNS's platform not only simplified administrative tasks but also delivered improvements in performance and reliability.

ClouDNS's partnership with the email hosting provider highlights our ongoing commitment to delivering reliable DNS hosting solutions that meet the evolving security needs of businesses. Through proactive collaboration and excellent technical expertise, we help clients protect their digital presence and maintain the highest security and reliability standards.

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