Improving Precision and Performance for VoIP Service with GeoDNS


In the fast-paced world of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, a reliable and swift DNS (Domain Name System) is the backbone that ensures seamless communication. Recognizing the critical importance of DNS, an Australian VoIP provider approached ClouDNS at the end of 2018, seeking a dynamic solution to enhance their services.

VoIP is a technology that is heavily dependent on speed, reliability, and constant uptime. Therefore, it demands a DNS hosting provider that could meet these strict requirements. In this case study, we dive into the challenges faced by our client and how ClouDNS managed to help and support their remarkable growth.


In 2018, our client, a prominent VoIP provider in Australia, faced a critical decision point. They were standing at a crossroads, dealing with multiple options and unsure about which path to take. The future of their business hung in the balance, and the stakes were high.

Their search for a new DNS service provider originated from the necessity to improve GeoDNS capabilities. The client explicitly expressed the need to direct users to the right country based on their IP address, a crucial feature to optimize service quality.

The Australian VoIP provider had encountered several challenges with their previous DNS service provider. Despite offering a similar service, the provider was rather expensive and could not provide the accurate precision needed for GeoDNS targeting in Australia. Furthermore, the absence of a redundant Anycast network resulted in prolonged DNS query responses, which is a significant drawback for a VoIP provider striving for speed and constant uptime.

Competing in a market demanding high speed and reliability, the client faced the challenge of maintaining competitive prices while providing top-notch services. The existing infrastructure costs were proving to be a barrier to growth, prompting the search for a more efficient DNS solution.

Our solution

ClouDNS stepped in to address the VoIP provider's challenges with a comprehensive solution tailored to its specific needs. The introduction of our GeoDNS service not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, providing greater quality at a more competitive price point.

The precision of GeoDNS targeting ensured that users from Australia and other targeted regions were seamlessly directed to the nearest and most reliable servers, optimizing their VoIP experience. In addition, combined with the robustness of our redundant Anycast network, it ensured minimal downtime and improved overall performance.

The ClouDNS support team worked closely with the client and played a pivotal role in optimizing the DNS configuration for the VoIP provider. With expert guidance and assistance, the client efficiently configured numerous DNS records, streamlining its operations and enhancing overall service efficiency. The seamless integration of ClouDNS's services enabled the provider to focus on its core business activities while assigning the critical aspect of DNS management to a reliable partner.

Client Successful story

Empowered by ClouDNS's GeoDNS service, the Australian VoIP provider experienced remarkable business growth. The ability to precisely target users in Australia based on their IP addresses significantly improved the overall performance of the VoIP services, meeting the high requirements for speed and reliability.

As the business grew, the client expanded into new markets, offering services in countries like New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The seamless integration of ClouDNS services allowed the client to effortlessly extend its geographical reach, catering to a broader audience without compromising on performance.

Responding to the increasing demand for services, the client decided to upgrade the plan with ClouDNS, obtaining additional resources to support the growing infrastructure. This not only ensured continued high performance and amazing precision but also demonstrated the scalability and flexibility of ClouDNS services.

Moreover, the client took advantage of ClouDNS's Reverse DNS service to manage different IP subnets efficiently. This strategic move further streamlined operations and enhanced the overall efficiency of the client's network infrastructure.

In brief

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