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[RESOLVED] Servers problem

Dear customers,

Due to network problems, NS1, NS2 and NS3 are not working properly. We are working to fix the problem.
NS4 and the premium servers are working fine.

ClouDNS Team

Servers changes

Dear Premium customers,

To improve the quality of our services we made some changes to our servers. Please change the IP's of your DNS Branding as follows: - -

We changed the location of from Bulgaria to Germany, to provide you with better services. The new is now moved from Rackspace to Linode, again in Texas, USA. You can use the old till the end of June 2011, after that you can use only the new one. The old is now offline.

ClouDNS Department

NS4 was moved to another place

Dear customers,

We moved NS4 from Bulgaria to Germany. New IP address of the server is

Soon we will change NS2.

ClouDNS Team

[RESOLVED] Down servers problem

Dear customers,

Yesterday we had problems with our servers. As normal we have ~20 million request per day, yesterday we had over 2 billion requests. Because of this (and not only) problems we will make some changes:

1. NS3 as most stable server will be moved only for premium users. We will start new server in Germany (top location in European internet) as new NS3 server.
2. NS2 as most unstable server will be moved to another provider in different data center in USA.

The changes will be made in the next 30 days. The changes in 1 will not affect our service and you do not need to make changes in the domain zones configuration. The changes in point 2 will affect only zones with DNS branding, IP address of current NS2 server need to be changed with the new one. After the upgrade we will send mails to all premium users with instructions for configuration changes.

We apologize for the problems with our service. We work to make it better.

ClouDNS Team

Updated control panel

Dear custumers,

today we are releasing new update of our domain management panel. Now you can manage your domains, create new zones and free subdomains faster then before.

ClouDNS Team
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