Tools for handling complex operations and reports


During the past few months, our development team worked on a backend tool for our customers to handle complex operations and reports. The new feature is accessible from the "Tools" menu at the top of the control panel.

Available tools at the moment are:

  • Bulk zone records activation and deactivation based on your filters
  • Exporting of zone files, mail forwards
  • Import of secondary zones
  • Generation of reports for the zones, DNSSEC state, inactivity status, and transfers details

The tool is developed with flexible options for adding more custom and complex operations needed by our customers for their daily tasks. We already have a long list of tools we will implement in the future (most of them were handled by API scripts until now).

If you need any tool that will make your daily tasks easier, please open a ticket and let us know. We will try to make it possible in just a few clicks!

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